Looking Back in 2021

“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.”   By Les Brown

Top 5 Quotes from “Friends” this year!

“One post per week average for 8 years is an amazing accomplishment in itself—and what you and Friends of Copey have done for the children and community of Copey is indeed without peer. Just the fact this program exists is a light in turbulent times.”  by Teresa Edgerton-Scott

Happy Veteran’s Day to you also my Brother, Friend and Classmate. Thank you for your loyalty and service to not only the military but to so many other lives you have touched with your dedication. I am grateful to be recognized as a veteran and am thankful for the opportunity to have served. Please DO NOT remove my email address from your correspondence for I will always feel dedicated to such a worthy project and will forever support you as long as God gives me strength do so. Happy Thanksgiving “Scrapper”!   by Charles Jones

“Wow, I think you should consider a new career in radio and/or television, Scrapper. Great audiocast. I look forward to this wonderful addition each week. Thank you so much for keeping ‘Friends’ informed.”   By Lisa Baldwin

“Great post, Scrapper. And Happy Martin Luther King Day! We need his message of love over hate now more than ever. I love his words about “the high plane of dignity and discipline.”
And It is great news that schools in Costa Rica are reopening. The children really need to be in school as soon as possible, as soon as the health situation is safe.”  by Ed Davis

“You all have done an exceptional job of continuing the path for Copey. Art et al deserve so much praise, especially the families of Copey and its FRIENDS!!!”   by Martha Pope

There are many more messages sent by “Friends” during 2021 and deeply appreciated. I do not receive anything personally more encouraging or rewarding than an uplifting note from a “Friend” expressing his or her faith and support in our efforts. See more on the pull down “Quick Links” titled Comments from Friends.

Top 5 Posts in 2021.

These five Posts represent the most viewed Posts during 2021. Thank you for taking time to view and if you have not viewed these Posts, this is an excellent time to do so.

Caring Teachers…Remember Them!  April 19, 2021

Believe…Things Can Be…!  May 24, 2021

Ideas Implemented Is Progress  July 22, 2021

Be Led by Dreams!  August 21, 2021

Gratitude…Spelled THANKS!  October 11, 2021

Top 5 Countries Visiting Posts   

I enjoy having a variety of countries visiting our Posts each year. It is only one of several things about Blogging that truly is amazing. Many countries look to see what we are doing. All “Friends” perhaps should ponder the significance of having a small isolated project of this type generating world-wide viewership. Sure, most often we are visited by accident, but we have a lot of accidents showing up.

2021 Top Five countries include in order USA, Costa Rica, China, Canada, and the UK. By comparison, in 2020 the top five countries in order included USA, Costa Rica, China, Canada, and Panama.

Final Notices…!

  1. “Count Me In 2022”...Please send me an email to confirm ongoing interest. atbroady@aol.com
  2. We are less than 100 visits from breaking our 2017 Record. Post on your FB quick and thanks for helping.

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