Gratitude…Spelled THANKS!

I really feel gratitude every day in my life that I’m able to do what I love, and I think, because I have that passion and spirit, I’ve had success.   By Christen Press

Emory & Henry College Students

We are well on the way now with Dream Team teacher support being provided by several E&H College students. Last minute details are being worked with student scheduling and availability arrangements being matched with the current teaching schedule with Copey students and Dream Team teachers.

Dr. Davis headed up the meeting with the E&H College students on September 28th and I had the opportunity to sit in on a planning meeting held on October 2.

There are four amazing E&H College students included; Olyssa Harris, Maggie Buchanan, Olivia Sexton, and Thomas Roberts. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to visit with them soon.

Chapter 1 of “Frequently Asked Questions”

Most of the “Friends of Copey” supporters already know well how this project functions. How to become a member or how we are organized is pretty simple. However, new people interested and at times even long time supporters send me questions on membership and related topics. I have taken the written info listed under “FAQ”, condensed the information and tried to make it simpler in this week’s audiocast. I hope all potential members and others will take about 8 minutes to listen. Certainly, there will be some new things to hear now after about 8 years since the written info located in the Menu was issued.

I will follow up in a few weeks with an audiocast on just how this project is organized and works successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions…Chapter 1 Membership

End of Year Presentations

I had mentioned earlier my plans to travel to Copey in November. However, I now have to change my plans. This is disappointing but we will still have the opportunity to watch and participate in the end of the year presentations by the Copey students currently attending classes. Stay connected and I will provide the necessary information needed to join in.

I really want all “Friends” to see what is being accomplished with these Copey students. I am excited about the recent reports I have received.

Dream Team teacher Jane just reported that her first and second grade students reading and spending time doing arts and crafts. Jane is finding the Moms are very happy with their students learning by using arts and crafts as a teaching method.

Also, I am adding a photo taken in 2017 of Jane with a very young child sitting on Jane’s lap. Jane reports this child is now one of her students. What a blessing! 

Another Dream Team teacher Suzanne has reported that her high school class and her 4th and 5th graders are doing very well. The high school students are doing a recipe book project. The younger students are engaged in a variety of activities including nature walks and playing games to learn commands, verbs, and directions.

All this explains why I am eager to witness the end of the year presentations. Stay in touch with us to the end.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude…Spelled THANKS!”

  1. Thought the audio-cast was wonderful. You summarized all of the questions we all have had during our “Friends Of Copey” journey. I continue to believe in this project and am so happy to have seen you recently at our 55th Class Reunion and to be able to hug you, my friend. Prayers for continued wellness and seccessful service.

    1. Thanks Kay for the feedback. I hope will never be too old to be a rookie at something new. I love those who are willing to take a journey with someone who moves forward boldly in faith only. Enjoy the journey.

  2. I used this opportunity to catch up on posts and learn more about Friends of Copey. I’m awed by Jane Rutledge and her turning her pain in the loss of her husband to purpose in her teaching young Copey students. The essays by the Copey students about their moms are both humbling and inspiring. When I listen to my friend Scrapper’s audio cast explaining Friends of Copey and describing the supporters, I want to be a positive, optimistic, “Can Do” type of person. When I look at the structure of the blog posts, I love the quotes that set the stage for the following narrative. This probably should have been an email message, and I apologize for its length, but too late to switch over.

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