Let’s Use It All..!

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me’. ”  By Erma Bombeck

Another Successful Journey…!

My return trip to southwest Virginia was almost a repeat of my earlier trip taken in mid-September. I enjoyed meeting many of my friends and making new friends for the first time. I also spent time working on “Friends of Copey”, my John Broddy research, and on this trip I had committee responsibilities as a planning member of my 50th College Class Reunion. And there was more. My fraternity (DIN) also celebrated its 100th Anniversary.The time spent in southwest Virginia was very close to being perfect in many respects, but I am happy to be back home trying to resettle back into my normal routine.

I am very mindful of the people who showed their kindness and generosity in so many ways. Everyone was very busy of course but found time for dinners and casual sit-downs to share old stories and topics of common interest.

Southwest Virginia is my home and while there I certainly sense the deep rooted connections I still have with friends and places.

Copey Learning Center at work…! 

The Dream Team teachers and Copey students are now into their final weeks of on line education. We are invited to attend the final ceremony scheduled for November 27. The link and additional details of the ceremony will be provided later. This is an excellent opportunity to join in to see first-hand the outstanding work accomplished over the past semester.

Also, please do not forget there are four Emory & Henry College (E&H) students supporting the Dream Team each week. I plan to get some feedback from these students regarding their experiences as teacher assistants.

More Copey Learning Center News…!

On another note, some of the Copey students are busy making a documentary of their time spent with Summer Scholars Program at E&H College. These are students who have attended the Summer Scholars Program and want to share their experiences. This is another excellent opportunity to see the results of your interest and support.

Copey students began attending the Summer Scholars program in 2016 in person along with other students on the E&H College campus. However, Covid-19 caused the program to move to an on line program in 2020 and 2021 allowing the Copey students to participate.

Madeline Griffin Update…!

Often we are focused on the Copey students we support. There is another side of this project we should look at more closely.

What impact does the Pathway Project have on the E&H College students who traveled to Copey to volunteer their time and services to the Copey Learning Center?

Typically, these students return back to campus and proclaim their experience in Copey to have been very productive.

Madeline is one of these E&H College students we want to highlight this week. She says:

“I greatly enjoyed my time in Copey and it inspired me to take the plunge and work here in Spain. Thank you for helping me get there! I think the work you help do there [in Copey] is so important to that community, and I hope things are going well there now. I certainly would not be on this path if I had not had the opportunity to go to Copey.”  Madeline Griffin

She journeyed to Copey in 2019 and graduated through the honors program in the Spring of 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, Hispanic Studies, and History.
She is currently an English Language Assistant in Lanciego/Lantziego–a small town just outside of Logroño, Spain.
Since college Madeline has been nominated for the Global Citizenship Award for 2021. She has been selected to take part in the Institute for the Study of War’s two-week War Studies Program in D.C., and nominated for the foreign language learner award thru the Foreign Language Association of Virginia.

Audiocast Update…!

The next audiocast will be posted later this week. The final touches are being put on the next most “Frequently Asked Questions” about Friends of Copey. Chapter 2 will cover the questions regarding “How Is Friends of Copey Organized?”






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