How to Join Friends

During the seven years of operation, many have asked “How do you join or become involved with “Friends of Copey”? 

The answer seems way too simple to believe or accept. Many people wanting to do something good or beneficial in this world are met with a wide range of challenges, demands, and commitments. 

Just to join most other organizations…there are applications or forms to complete, personal information required, joining fees, membership dues, and strong commitments of time and resources.  

I know…because I have spent much of my life joining groups and organizations. As a member, staying in “good standing” by meeting all requirements is very difficult.  

When I established “Friends”, the very first decision made was to eliminate forms, dues and fees, and other familiar commitments. This included no officers, meetings, reports, and administrative overhead expenses. Some thought impossible to do! 

So, the simple answer about joining “Friends” is:

Have an interest in education, young people, and a desire to make a positive impact in a rural community, primarily in Costa Rica. There are simple traits which I hope all “Friends” relate to…at least one or more: 

1. Be a person of spiritual faith who believes all things are possible when serving God.  Have a “heart of a servant”

2. Or, be a person with a positive approach to life, with a can do/will do attitude while seeking a way to accomplish. Be a “possibilitarian”.

3.  Or, be a person who has a desire to share personal financial resources when needed to accomplish goals. Be a “cheerful giver”.

A “Friend of Copey” is a Post reader/follower, and one with a “heart of a servant”, or a “possibilitarian”, or a “cheerful giver”. Or be two or all three of these traits.