According To Purpose..!

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”  By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Back Home…!

Today, I am issuing this Post from my own familiar workstation. The previous two Posts were issued from back east. Glad to be back home. It is true! Wherever I seem to be anymore, I am with or near “Friends of Copey”.

I successfully traversed multiple virus related “land mines” during the travel. Airplanes and terminals are filling up with people again and there appears to be about 95% compliance with wearing masks. BUT forget “social distancing” compliance.

The Windes of Change…!

Graduation 10

Thank you for the positive reaction to last week’s Post highlighting Larry and Cindy Windes. The response was a hit as your interest helped us enjoy our second month of unusually high traffic to this Blog. (Photo: Larry and Cindy were presented the Certificate of Appreciation in 2017 for their support) 

Hopefully, the story will keep us mindful of the continuous need to help solve the educational facility challenges in Copey. 

Covid-19 Update…!

Covid 19 image

On July 4th, Costa Rica’s health authorities confirmed 310 new cases of Covid-19 for a total of 4,621. Reports indicate 1,721 of these have already recovered. Also, Costa Rica confirmed a total of 19 deaths related to Covid-19. The country had a plan to reopen many businesses and relax some of the travel/vehicle restrictions.

However, the recent surge in new cases postponed much of the plan. Public schools are not going to be reopening soon. (Source: The Costa Rican Star Newspaper dated July 6, 2020.)

In Copey, the community is technically on “yellow alert” meaning there are no active cases of the virus at this time. The Ministry of Public Education is still not allowing students to attend school. Any educational efforts must be conducted “virtually”.

Distance Learning

The Copey Learning Center is investigating how to use the time to provide some level of educational activities for the students without requiring attendance at the center.


It was a pleasure to share dinner with “friends”, Kay and Chuck, during my visit to my hometown last week. I have known Kay for 55 years and the two hour dinner was much too short for sharing memories and updates.

We three connected on so many different levels of life. We shared stories as senior classmates, shared being military veterans, our work as community supporters and supporters of the blind community, and of course including our mutual interests as “Friends of Copey”. I have certainly come to value “friends” very deeply. Hopefully, we will visit again on my next trip to hometown USA…Marion, Virginia. 

Purpose Driven..!

“Friends of Copey” was not an accident. It’s purpose and our involvement will have positive impacts far beyond our existence as “Friends of Copey”.