Key Friends

The “heart of a servant” is a unique characteristic found in those people who seem to move around our communities ready and willing to do what is necessary to help others in need. Many of these people go unnoticed and quietly about not seeking fame but positive results. To these people, there is more to it than doing the job. It is getting the job done that is important.

In October 2008, I started my term as President of my Kiwanis Club.  Quickly, I became much more aware of the tremendous work being done by many of my club members. Real Kiwanis PicPreviously, as a club member, Vice President, and President Elect, I had an in depth awareness of all our projects but I lacked the detailed awareness of the level of effort, time, and sacrifice key members were contributing to the success of my Kiwanis Club. These members were more than names on our rolls. They had something special and unique…the “heart of a servant”.  This has no relationship to slavery or involuntary servitude and does not describe anyone serving by obligation. Instead, this describes one who responds from within and senses or feels the need to help others. This describes one who considers the outcome resulting from his/her efforts. Will those being served experience a better life, become healthier, wiser, freer, and better off in general?

During weekly club meetings I began making reference to my club being blessed with members with the “heart of a servant” and I witnessed many great projects getting done by these unselfish members. Since I have begun seeking help for the Copey Learning Center, I have encountered some of these same people who have this unique characteristic. I wish to highlight these people at times so we can appreciate the above and beyond the call of duty involvement and leadership they bring to the effort. My first Key Friend is highlighted this month.



2 thoughts on “Key Friends”

  1. hi it is one of the kids of lisa brown class and a 2nd grader with me today my name is anna my friend with me is Nevaeh I like your school your school is verey small what did you get for chirstmas I like your dreess call me 677353 that that is my number and you can come to my school bye

    1. Dear Anna,

      Thank you so very much for your note. Also, thank Nevaeh for me. I am happy both of you have learned about the small school in Costa Rica and that you like it. It is a special school just as your school is special. The Learning Center is closed until February but when it reopens, I plan to have your note shared with the students. Unfortunately, no one can call you. We will have to keep in touch by you watching out for more information about the Learning Center. I am putting you on my mailing list and you should get information each week. Hopefully, this is okay. I hope you have a fun school year in 2016 and I look forward to you being a “Friend of Copey”. Arthur

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