1,000 and Counting

Yes, 1,000 but I will get back to you on that..

First…There is much excitement in the air now in the small town of Copey. The new school year has begun and new hopes and dreams, new opportunities and great expectations fill the warm air for young kids and  many Moms and Dads.  The doors of the Learning Center are now open and the seats are filled with students starting on a fresh new year of education.

So many of you “followers” of this Blog have either current or past careers in education. You know first-hand how exciting the first few days are when school begins. Also, many of you who donated to the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund have received “Thank You” letters and the names of the students you are financially supporting. Some donors are still waiting since a few of the recipients will be high school students. High school has a little later start date. All in all, we have accounted for over 20 students whose education is being supported via the scholarship fund this year.  I am so excited and I hope your excitement is as great as mine. When those doors swung open last week, they swung open for all of us;  The Learning Center, Moms and Dads, the community of Copey, and of course the “friends of Copey”.

Eve Solomon, the Learning Center’s Language Unit’s Coordinator expressed it very well in her recent “Thank You” letters to the donors.  She wrote “Thank you for giving a student the chance to study English at the Copey Learning Center. You are not only providing a great learning opportunity, but also the chance at a brighter future.”  

This is what we are all about as “friends of Copey”.  It is just this simple…”we are helping young folks have a chance at a brighter future”.

I ask you to re-visit the FAQ contained in this Blog and remind yourself of the multiple ways we plan to support the Learning Center’s educational goals.  It mostly has little to do with money and more to do with sharing our talents/skills and experiences as “followers” and “Friends of Copey”.

I remind you there are a number of exciting things in the works and as they materialize, the Blog is the place to learn about them.  So please keep following and by all means, share this project with a family member or friend.

Two additional exciting things have happened this week I am happy to share.  

First, Anne Lawrence has published her first book (Following my tug…) which accounts for her decision to move from Canada to live in Costa Rica and her life after the move.  She and her husband Kevin reside near the Learning Center and Anne has been a volunteer since their arrival.  I met Anne and Kevin during my first trip to Copey and the Learning Center in January 2013. She inspired me to become involved in the Learning Center and she is in my Blog dated January 9 along with our photo.

Anne, I purchased my copy of the book and I am eager to read it.  Congrats!!!  Check it out at: http://www.kobobooks.com/search/search.htm

Second, we will record over 1,000 visits to this Blog in the next couple days.  Now, I know you may think about 900 of them are caused by me visiting my own Blog…BUT that’s not true. I admit some are mine but nearly all are accounted for by you. Please keep checking it out and let’s shoot for 2,000 visits now.


Congrats to the Seattle Seahawks….and to the Learning Center

It has now been one week since the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl.  Most who know me are familiar with my near total devotion to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  A devotion that is full of passion.  Living in the great Northwest also means you have to be a passionate Seattle Seahawks fan.  At times this causes a devoted and passionate fan to have severe inner conflicts.  I was certainly pulling for my home state team Seattle Seahawks to win the Super Bowl and I get to share the excitement with neighbors and friends while the excitement lasts. However, I will continue to wear proudly my Steelers cap as the new football season starts up again in the near future.

Fortunately, I have passion for things beyond my football favorites.  My passion flows into the work taken on by the “Friends of Copey”.  I am hoping many of you who follow this Blog share some of your own passion for the Learning Center as “friends”.

There is so much to be passionate about this week.  The Learning Center begins its 2014 school year.  The Learning Center starts with veteran Peace Corps volunteer Eve Solomon leading the way with two new Peace Corps volunteer teachers responsible for the educational services provided by the Learning Center.   This year’s curriculum has been completed and the doors are ready to swing open for many students to come through.

The Learning Center will have the Anne G. Broady Scholarship funds to help more kids benefit from the educational service.  Soon, we will be notified of the scholarship recipients making us partners in the Learning Center experience. We will get to see our donations at work.

As you can expect, there are more things going on and these will be highlighted in future Posts. Therefore, do not stop being a follower.  In fact, tell a family member or friend about the “Friends of Copey”.  We are approaching 1,000 visits to the Blog so check it out and be among those being counted.  If you are a new follower and “friend”, send me an email at atbroady@aol.com and say hello.  Let me know your thoughts about our efforts in Copey, Costa Rica.