Dream Team I


The talented “Distance Learning” team of volunteer teachers are working together to support the Distance Learning Project now underway.

“Friends of Copey is bringing 100 plus years of quality teaching experience to the “Distance Learning” project. We sought out some of the best talent we had available through “Friends of Copey” and they are ready to teach! The following is a brief bio on their skills and experience.

Jayne R.  –  Personal friend for over 50 years. Retired public school educator with prior experience at the Copey Learning Center. Multi-talented, strong arts and crafts interests, gardener, with very valuable and important Copey tribal knowledge. Teaching From North Carolina

Lisa B.  – Long time personal “friend”. Retired educator, Years of classroom experience at various grade levels. Honored as “Teacher of the Year…North Carolina”, Musician, singer and songwriter of children material and spent time on the music touring circuit. Teaching from North Carolina

Katy D. – Long time “friend” and educator on elementary school and college level. Accomplished opera singer and award winning choir director. Extensive community service with National Cub and Boys Scouts of America honors. College Board of Trustee. Teaching from South Carolina

Edward D, PhD. – Long time “friend” and devoted supporter. Has served as volunteer for “Pathway Project” since inception. Also, serves as key resource for recruitment of college students to support this project.  Supporting From Virginia

James G. – New “friend” and educator just returning from Spain. Teaching From North Carolina

Kara S. – Long time “friend”, prior experience at the Copey Learning Center. Experienced beginner and advanced dance teacher. Recently graduated from college and now starting a new career. Teaching From Virginia

Emery R. – New “friend” and educator. Years of high school teaching experience. Teaching From Virginia