Comments from Friends

Live Your Gratitude…!

As usual, You are spot on Scrapper! Loving intent arising from the embrace of gratitude is the absolute solution to all mankind’s ills. Larry Windes

“In The Home Stretch”

What a great success we see in Copey! On Saturday I watched the wonderful end-of-school presentations by the students. They made me want to cry – they worked so hard and spoke English so well! Thanks to all the teachers!!! Dr. Ed Davis

Gratitude…Spelled THANKS!

I used this opportunity to catch up on posts and learn more about Friends of Copey. I’m awed by Jane Rutledge and her turning her pain in the loss of her husband to purpose in her teaching young Copey students. The essays by the Copey students about their moms are both humbling and inspiring. When I listen to my friend Scrapper’s audio cast explaining Friends of Copey and describing the supporters, I want to be a positive, optimistic, “Can Do” type of person. When I look at the structure of the blog posts, I love the quotes that set the stage for the following narrative. This probably should have been an email message, and I apologize for its length, but too late to switch over. Teresa Edgerton-Scott

“Thank you for your bringing this project to my knowledge (the girls came to our 50th high school reunion) and then allowing me to become one of the Friends of Copey. I am proud to invest in these young people, for they are, indeed, our future.”

– K. Ford
“This continues to amaze me and I hope to someday be more closely involved with the wonderful students at the Copey Learning Center and the people of Copey. How grateful I am to know the likes of Mr Broady who has brought awareness to so many, collectively we can make a difference!”

– C. Macfarlan
“Another great year, and Copey Learning Center shows so many signs of health…. the kids AND the staff are enthusiastic and cheerful in spite of challenges, and thousands of people are aware of the work. What small village school in a small poor country can say as much? Congratulations to the entire team!”

– E. Davis
“I absolutely LOVED this post!! It is so true that no matter what we do we make a difference in someone’s life. I love reading this blog, loved my time at the Copey Learning Center, and love all the circumstances that brought our visit about.”

– C. Johnson
“I always say I would love to go someday. The people of Copey and certainly the children have benefited from your help along with the Friends. I admire all who have joined in your efforts to do such an admirable thing for Copey and to reach out and help those in need in our world.”

– M. Pope
“The photo of the supplies brought back great and fond memories of working with my High Point students to make a special donation box filled with items to be used by the students of the Copey Learning Center. The fifth graders had fun, felt good about giving, and truly enjoyed writing letters and being involved with students in Costa Rica. Much like distancing in these times, we can still reach out and make a difference in some small way. Thank you for the opportunity to engage with students in Copey.”

– L. Baldwin