2018 Non-Financial Scorecard…Part 2

“Nothing else in all life is such a maker of joy and cheer as the privilege of doing good.”            By James Russell Miller

The “Non-Financial” Support continues!  

There is still plenty to the “2018 non-financial” story to share that includes general acts of kindness and support for the Copey Learning Center.

Similar to the Utah story, another surprising act of kindness resulted in the purchase of a huge supply of Emory & Henry (EH) College shirts and caps, plus an EH College banner delivered to the Copey Learning Center.

These items were donated by Thomas McGlothlin. Thomas graduated from EH College in 1968 and the McGlothlin family members are rock solid supporters of the college. After Thomas met the Pathway Project students and chaperones last June, his enthusiasm for the developing relationship between the college and the Copey Learning Center inspired him to support even greater visibility of the college inside the Copey community. 

Blog and Post Accomplishments for 2018

  1. Fifty-three Posts have been issued in 2018.
  2. Back in 2015 our viewership was 3,207. In 2016 we reached 3,223. Then in 2017 we sky-rocketed to 4,055. Our 2018 end count is projected at 3,550, a 11% decrease in viewership over 2017. But remember, the 2017 viewership count provided a huge increase over 2016. We fell a little short in matching that level two years in a row.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Posts-2018.jpg
  3. Use of photos continued to be high compared to prior years.
  4. “Comments” responding to Posts increased by 6% over 2017. 
  5. The three Most Viewed Posts were “Have Supplies…Will Travel” Posted March 19, 2018; “The Principal…The Leader” Posted April 9 2018; and “Friends…Are Everywhere” Posted April 16, 2018.
  6. “Friends” remains popular in countries outside of the USA and Costa Rica. There are a total of 56 countries listed who have visited the Blog this year. The USA and Costa Rica accounted for  nearly 3,000 visits alone. The list includes from Canada thru Germany, countries with at least 50 visits each.  

World’s Best Partners!

We have outstanding partners who support “Friends of Copey”. Our success would be impossible without the support of Emory & Henry CollegeThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is eh-college-e1514393430979.pngand the Tri-Cities Industry Kiwanis Club. Both provide the essential services          This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is zzzkiwanis.pngneeded to successfully conduct the annual “Pathway Project”. These two partners are easily 2,500 miles apart in distance in this country.

However, they successfully support the Copey Learning Center located in Costa Rica.  This alone is an amazing story.

Both organizations are integral partners in the “Pathway Project” and provide a wide-range of services including housing and meals, transportation, education, recreation, and accounting. These services are donated and supported by many individuals representing both groups who also voluntarily donate their individual/personal time and resources.

Very Special In-Kind Support!

One of the most unheralded supporters year after year is Carol Barnard. She has been the best “behind the scenes supporter” I can have. Thoughts and ideas can beThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is carol-B-e1545852728229.jpg trusted with her and I can depend on consistent and honest feedback. “Friends” involves many people, donated funds, in-kind support, important business decisions, and certainly the potential for many pitfalls and mistakes. She provides me an extra set of eyes and ears and offers unadulterated feedback that keeps me grounded, humbled, and clear thinking.  

And, she edits my Posts for glaring errors and inarticulate comments I am often guilty of making. And, if you do see such problems with my Posts, most likely she did not do the editing.  So, I extend my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Carol for being such a devoted supporter and extremely valuable “Friend of Copey.” Any success “Friends” has had, without a doubt will have Carol’s fingerprints on it. Thanks!

Some Notable Quotes From “Friends” to End 2018!

Getting notes and comments from “Friends” is similar to a “paycheck” I am fortunate to receive. I appreciate each “Friend” and it is good to hear your thoughts and views on the work we are doing. Here are only a few received this year I want to share:

“Loved reading the letters from Margarita and Amy. They both write English well. I am proud to be a part of their learning experience and will continue to support the efforts of education and cultural exchange with Copey Learning Center. It is one of the joys of my life to know my small effort can make a big difference.”  Kay F.

“Love seeing the students in the Emory & Henry shirts, hats and holding banners. Go Emory & Henry College!!”  Pat W.

“What a joy it is to read your blog and to see your vision grow, you inspire me.” Cynthia M.zzzBanner of FOC

“I absolutely LOVED this post!! It is so true that no matter what we do we make a difference in someone’s life. I love reading this blog, loved my time at the Copey Learning Center, and love all the circumstances that brought our visit about.”  Carolyn J. 

“Your grand vision has afforded so many of us the opportunity to contribute, hopefully, in meaningful and developmental ways. What a treat it was to witness the enthusiasm and excitement displayed by the scholars as we briefly toured around DC.”  Zina G.

“Fantastic job of getting those letters in the blog!! They are clear and easy to read!! Great inspiration!!” Rick J.

“Yes, you are right Arthur, we do make a positive difference. It is important for us to shine a light on the darkness that we see and hear often in today’s world. I sing a few verses of “This Little Light of Mine” often and make up verses of my own. We have hope and light ahead as we witness in these young children already making such a difference. Thanks to Ms. Johnson, the students, faculty, and staff for making a positive difference. Keeping the faith!”  Lisa B.

“Another beautiful post!  Enjoyed seeing the success of your family…both older and younger.  What a great tradition you and your family have!” Eric J.

“Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity.  We enjoyed it so much.  I have told many people about our experiences and shared what a wonderful program you have going on down there.  I hope to return someday soon.  Thank you!”  Tamarie M.

What a difference you have made in 2018! Happy New Year to all! 

2 thoughts on “2018 Non-Financial Scorecard…Part 2”

  1. Another great year, and Copey Learning Center shows so many signs of health…. the kids AND the staff are enthusiastic and cheerful in spite of challenges, and thousands of people are aware of the work. What small village school in a small poor country can say as much? Congratulations to the entire team!

    1. Ed, your note provides me a wonderful payday. I am so blessed and being in a position to do something for others as a team of people I both love and respect is an amazing experience. Do we have an equal somewhere? Not sure and doubtful. “Friends of Copey” is a pioneer in so many ways. Thanks Friend!

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