Memorial Day Weekend…Remember Them!

“Real courage was what our troops…my heroes…face everyday. Real courage is being willing to give up your right to everything you want for your future, your memories from your past, and even, if need be, your life to make a better place for others.”                      By  Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee

Again, we observe Memorial Day and take time to thank those who have served our country by giving the ultimate for our freedoms. One of my practices is to go back and read previous Posts I have written on Memorial Day Weekend. The messages are generally the same and are reminders of sacrifices made by many. If you have family or friends who served and died in battle, there is not much you can do but observe and honor their willingness to serve. There is one more thing we can all do…respect and appreciate the freedoms that have been paid for in full.  4th of July

This Memorial Day Weekend, again as is my custom, I pay my respects and salute those close friends of mine who died while serving our country. My high school friends included Danny Watkins from Meadowview, Virginia; Michael Charles and Kenneth Delaney from Bristol, Virginia; and Frank Campbell from Chilhowie, Virginia. There were several others who also died while in service. I have added Curtis “Duck” Montgomery, a World War II veteran and my long time friend who passed away last year at 101 years of age. And, this is a special time to remember my cousin “Marty” Clark who passed away on Memorial Day in 2016. All of these were great folks who deserve to be remembered each and every Memorial Day.

“The Pathway Project for 2018”

Goal  $6,500.00      Actual Income=$4,250.00    Deadline:  May 25th, 2018 (extended)

Time is getting very short. In two weeks our Copey Learning Center guests will be Graduation 8heading to the United States. We are nearly 95% complete with the planning for the trip and from all indications, things will be just as exciting and productive as the previous two years. We are very eager to see Maria Lourdes (Left) and Brian (right) arrive in America and experience our culture for the first time. And, eager to have them share their culture with us.Brian and Lourdes. 2

Thank You!

“I thank each of you who have already made your donation. Your funds have us well on our way to covering our immediate financial needs.”

However, we do still have fundraising challenges yet to contend with. The official end date for the fundraising campaign is today but I have unofficially extended the campaign another week to provide “anyone and everyone” the opportunity to support this project with large or small donations. Based on my best count at this time, we are just under 66% of our goal. And, this includes both the funds I have received and the funds I have not received yet but have firm commitments.tracking 9

It would be great to hit our target of $6,500.00 and be assured we can financially support all the plans we have for our guests during their visit. However, if funds are short, some plans may be curtailed or even eliminated. I have not eliminated plans in the past, but I am prepared to apply any adjustments needed to make this project as financially successful as possible.

If you intend or feel inclined to support this project financially, please send me a short note to confirm the amount and expected date the funds will  be mailed. This will allow me to avoid making unnecessary changes.

I ask you to consider being a financial supporter of this very extraordinary project. It is certainly worthy of your support. Based on current donations, it will take more past “Pathway Project” donors and some first time “Pathway Project” donors to make our goal. Thank you and please send your donation to my Kiwanis Club:guidelines for Pathway

And, please do not make the check to “Friends of Copey” or to me personally. All funds will go into the TCI Kiwanis Foundation account to pay the expenses. The account will be managed by the Foundation’s Treasurer, Ms. Julie Meek, CPA. The Foundation has 501c3 status.

Finally, make plans for the big “reception” scheduled for June 15th in Abingdon, Virginia. You can let me know if you plan to join us and I will arrange for you to be placed on the list of invitees. There is still room. The guests and I certainly would enjoy having a large group of “Friends” attending to meet and greet our guests and experience first-hand their appreciation for our support.

“God Bless America…land that I love!”  





Dream Big…Fear Small!

“An act of goodness is of itself an act of happiness. No reward coming after the event can compare with the sweet reward that went with it.”   by  Maurice Maeterlinck

Over the years of my involvement with “Friends of Copey”, I have noticed that just when I start thinking things could not get better…it somehow does! This is one reason I really love this work. You can dream as big as you like…and fear little!

I had the pleasure of reading some of the early impressions Kara Stewart has shared on her website. Kara and Matthew (pictured on far right below) aKara Matthews student photore the two newest E&H College students volunteering time at the Copey Learning Center as part of their course work under the “Pathway Project”. As expected, Kara is enjoying the entire experience including the young kids, adults, host family, food and the work. Ana Yancy reported earlier today that both students are doing very well and the community has already opened their arms to them.

“Pathway Project for 2018”

The Goal  $6,500.00         Actual Income=$2,850.00        Deadline:  May 25th, 2018

The other side of the Pathway Project” is also in full speed. The fundraising campaign is plugging along and we continue to have funds come in. We are still trailing a little on our

Tracking 8

tracking schedule but several donors have sent notes saying the check is in the mail. Our current progress is shown on the chart indicating we are almost 44% of our goal…lower than expected.

I certainly urge “Friends” with intentions of financially supporting the “Pathway Project for 2018” to do so quickly. The official end date for the campaign is this Friday, May 25th but will be extended a couple more weeks. Some of the planned expenses will happen later. Most of the costs for the trip happen early such as purchasing plane tickets. This provides some flexibility for managing later plans based on funds available. “Friends” want to provide a high quality travel experience with hopes the travelers will return to Copey as strong and inspirational ambassadors for learning.

Please send your 501c3 donation to:

guidelines for Pathway

And, please do not make the check to “Friends of Copey” or to me personally. All funds will go into the TCI Kiwanis Foundation account to pay the expenses. The account will be managed by the Foundation’s Treasurer, Ms. Julie Meek, CPA. The Foundation has 501c3 status. Thanks in Advance

Remember….our goal is to provide the highest quality experience possible within budget. Prayers, great positive thoughts, and money are all welcomed for this project.  Thank You!

zzzBanner of FOC

Another Mother’s Day…!

“It was my mother who gave me my nickname while I was nearly a newborn and it was the only name she called me for almost 65 years. Even now that she is not here, whenever someone calls on me by my nickname, I hear her speaking to me.”  by “Scrapper” Broady

Want to just say “Hey Mom…always thinking about you”. Several of my “Friends” miss their mother on Mother’s Day and I share both their grief and joy.  Those of us who had those special moms were so beautifully blessed.

Big news in Copey today! 

Our two Emory & Henry College students arrived in Costa Rica and they were immediately capturedEH Students 2018 by their new boss. Ana Yancy, who is getting to know I have a bit of a worrisome nature about me, sent me a photo confirming all was well. It is hard for me to remember what that initial shock was when I saw the San Jose Airport, customs, finally getting past security, and then out in the open to hear and see the sights and sounds of Costa Rica for the first time. This is Kara’s first airplane ride and what a way to kick off your first experience. I am sure for these two students, arriving in Costa Rica, the San Jose airport, and the drive to Copey is an experience to remember. AND…as you well may know, it just gets better!

Kara and Matthew will have a four to five week volunteer period at the Learning Center. During their stay, we will try to keep in touch with both and learn about some of the things they are learning. When their term ends in June, our Pathway Project Learning Center students will depart with them and return to the United States.

Pathway Project for 2018

The Goal  $6,500.00         Actual Income=$1,650.00        Deadline:  May 25th, 2018

tracking 2018The current fundraising results after the first week is tracking much as expected. I immediately heard from several past donors last week and was assured their checks would soon be in the mail…and it will be here soon.

What is reported is what is in hand. Many of you are very familiar with the “Pathway Project” and aware of the many ways it provides fantastic benefits to so many.  If so inclined and feel so moved, please help us keep on pace to raise the needed funds to make this a three-time success. Also, keep in mind the grand reception planned for “Friends” and the Learning Center guests on June 15.

Final Word…God Bless Moms!

Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.    by Marion C. Garretty.







“Just Reach Out and Touch…!

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”     by Denis Waitley
Thanks to all who commented last week on my very short Post. It is wonderful to have “Friends” who appreciate and understand when some detours are needed to get to where you have to be. Although I am still extremely busy, the pathway to get all things done is much clearer.

Today, I am officially announcing the three-week fundraising campaign for the “Pathway Project for 2018”. For many “Friends” this will be the first invitation to help

Partnership slide. 1

support this project. During the previous two years, only selected Emory & Henry College affiliates were asked to support this one a kind project. It was my decision to limit donors to E&H folks because I simply wanted E&H College to be the first primary supporters of a project that would highlight the special place our college is. The recent E&H College Alumni story points out this special place and special people. Then, at times, non-E&H College members expressed disappointment in being excluded. Now, everyone and anyone can share in this one of a kind venture. Here are the details:

Pathway Project for 2018

The Goal  $6,500.00         Actual Income=$850.00        Deadline:  May 25th, 2018

The project will provide transportation for two Copey Learning Center students and two adult chaperones traveling from Costa Rica to Washington, DC on June 9th. Then, on June 11th, the guests will travel to E&H College for an approximate two-week stay which will include attendance at the annual Young Scholars and Leadership Program held on campus. Nearly two-thirds of the funds will be applied to airline travel expenses. Over the next few weeks, more specific information will be provided.

I invite “Friends” to join in from all over and support this outstanding partnership effort being undertaken by E&H College, the Learning Center and the Copey community, Kiwanis of Tri-City Industry in Washington state, and of course “Friends of Copey”. Below are the guidelines to follow for making a donation in support of this project.:

Make check to TCI-Kiwanis Foundation and include in memo section: “Pathway Proj. FOC”.  Then please mail the check to the address below not later than May 25th, 2018.

guidelines for Pathway

And, please do not make the check to “Friends of Copey” or to me personally. All funds will go into the TCI Kiwanis Foundation account to pay the expenses. The account will be managed by the Foundation’s Treasurer, Ms. Julie Meek, CPA. The Foundation has 501c3 status. Thanks in Advance

Other News

There are a variety of activities underway including some pen pal letters from one or two elementary schools and a skype session planned for students in Copey and Richland, Washington, Also, another fantastic “Welcome the Pathway Project 2018 Guests” reception is planned and scheduled for June 15th. If interested, please let me know so you can be placed on the guest list.

Other news but no time to share. Just keep reading the Posts and stay informed. This is as much about you as anything.

Thanks for being a “Friend”



A Short Message…!

I am taking the very seldom used liberty to bypass issuing a detailed Post this week. I have been away and have several very pressing non-Friends of Copey issues to deal with this week. Starting next week, there will the kick off of the fundraising campaign for the “Pathway Project for 2018”.Alumni Mag. Excerpt

I spoke of the “Pathway Project” in recent Posts and have also shared the March edition of Emory & Henry College Alumni Magazine featuring our ongoing success. Small excerpt provided.

Therefore, looking ahead to next week, I will officially ask “Friends” to help make our third consecutive year of the Pathway Project” another year of success.