Another Mother’s Day…!

“It was my mother who gave me my nickname while I was nearly a newborn and it was the only name she called me for almost 65 years. Even now that she is not here, whenever someone calls on me by my nickname, I hear her speaking to me.”  by “Scrapper” Broady

Want to just say “Hey Mom…always thinking about you”. Several of my “Friends” miss their mother on Mother’s Day and I share both their grief and joy.  Those of us who had those special moms were so beautifully blessed.

Big news in Copey today! 

Our two Emory & Henry College students arrived in Costa Rica and they were immediately capturedEH Students 2018 by their new boss. Ana Yancy, who is getting to know I have a bit of a worrisome nature about me, sent me a photo confirming all was well. It is hard for me to remember what that initial shock was when I saw the San Jose Airport, customs, finally getting past security, and then out in the open to hear and see the sights and sounds of Costa Rica for the first time. This is Kara’s first airplane ride and what a way to kick off your first experience. I am sure for these two students, arriving in Costa Rica, the San Jose airport, and the drive to Copey is an experience to remember. AND…as you well may know, it just gets better!

Kara and Matthew will have a four to five week volunteer period at the Learning Center. During their stay, we will try to keep in touch with both and learn about some of the things they are learning. When their term ends in June, our Pathway Project Learning Center students will depart with them and return to the United States.

Pathway Project for 2018

The Goal  $6,500.00         Actual Income=$1,650.00        Deadline:  May 25th, 2018

tracking 2018The current fundraising results after the first week is tracking much as expected. I immediately heard from several past donors last week and was assured their checks would soon be in the mail…and it will be here soon.

What is reported is what is in hand. Many of you are very familiar with the “Pathway Project” and aware of the many ways it provides fantastic benefits to so many.  If so inclined and feel so moved, please help us keep on pace to raise the needed funds to make this a three-time success. Also, keep in mind the grand reception planned for “Friends” and the Learning Center guests on June 15.

Final Word…God Bless Moms!

Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.    by Marion C. Garretty.







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