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Arthur T. Broady    atbroady@aol.com

Retired and reside in Washington State.

I grew up in Virginia and lived in Alaska and the great Northwest for more than 40 years.   My professional background is in education, business, along with extensive community service as a volunteer.  My professional history includes elementary school teaching, school board membership, college board of trustee, human resource management, and government contract officer. I have strong affiliations with various community service groups including Kiwanis and the Shriners and both are centered on making positive differences in the lives of young people.

While traveling with friends to Costa Rica to deep sea fish in 2011, I found the country very beautiful and the people very friendly and warm. Since 2011, I have travelled within the country extensively and have seen the beauty of the interior as well as coastal areas on both the Atlantic and Pacific side of the country.

Living the DreamWith the beauty found everywhere in the country, I also found there are great needs especially among the young in the area of education.  Some of these needs can be addressed by interested people who can share their time, talents, and other resources. When combined, we can make a difference.

As a retiree I have devoted much of my time and have called on many of my professional resources and personal friends to join me.  In the first year, we have accomplished much.  See FAQ

Today, I am honored to work with some great people, “Friends of Copey”, excited to be involved and wanting to make a difference.

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  1. Art, great work you are doing. You are just the person for helping to make our world a better place to live through your humanitarian work abroad and helping locally. Thanks for your career and resume counseling.

  2. The author is a dear family member of mine and I just became a follower of his blog today. I am proud and heartened as I read all his previous blogs. What a remarkable path he has taken to dedicate his energy and time in this way. I’ll be following from here on!
    Linda Bass

  3. Scrapper, you should say WHERE in Virginia you grew up and went to school! You are an Emory & Henry hero, after all!

    1. Thanks for the note and feedback. I will be revising most of the older information as part of this upgrade effort. I am very proud of where I came from…love southwest Virginia.

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