Always Do Your Best…!

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”   by  Francis of Assisi

Major Milestone!

Three hundred weeks have passed since the very first Post was issued in mid-December 2013. Last week, I issued Post number 300 to “Friends” and the tracking data verifies this fact. This is a major achievement on several levels.BEv Binders 

Who writes letters to their friends each week for more than five years? Well, I have and I can assure you each Post has been written and published with joy, honor, and respect towards all “Friends”. I hope you will celebrate with me this week as I pause to ponder this small milestone.

I thank all “friends” who opened the very first Post issued in 2013 and are still around to open #300. Truthfully, many “friends” have moved on and are not following the Posts each week. It is human nature to move on. But be sure, I am deeply grateful for those first “friends” and those who joined in later. You all have helped to keep this project alive and meaningful.

Help the Copey Learing Center

Last week I informed “friends” about the need to recruit a new Executive Director for the Copey Learning Center. Interesting enough, a few of you have sent notes to me. I encourage you to continue considering the potential this could be for a very unique experience.

Also, I learned this week the Copey Learning Center is recruiting volunteer teachers toESL Qualificaitoncover the final three months of this school year; September, October, and November. So, I am calling for teachers (including retired teachers) to go to Copey and have the experience of a lifetime. This is an excellent opportunity to build your resume and develop/enhance language skills highlighting the Central American culture. And, if you are retired and want to add one more star in your career in education… go and enjoy some simple life…“pura-vida”.  

Time is very short so if there is an interest in leading or teaching…we must move quickly. September is just around the corner.

New Copey Learning Center PhotoCopey…The Amazing Community.

Those who have actually spent time in Copey had these things to say:

“This entire experience [in Copey] has had such an impact on my life that I am forever grateful for. I made so many memories, met so many people, made so many new friends, saw God at work, and felt Him working in me.  I will forever cherish my time spent in the sweet, quaint, beautiful, peaceful, little town of Copey, and I will look forward to when I can go back! Thank you for everything, Copey.”  Kara S.

“When Arthur asked me to write something about our experience at the Copey Learning Center I didn’t know if I could put my feelings into words. I could use words like amazing, unforgettable, memorable, remarkable, and extraordinary, but it was so much more!”  Carolyn J.

“Copey will always hold a special place in our hearts.  Thank you for the wonderful opportunity! We will always cherish the memories made and the wonderful friends we made while visiting Copey.”  Tamarie M.

“The most amazing thing is the love and respect the people have for each other [in Copey]. They all work hard and no one seems to complain. The students have never complained or said they don’t want to do anything!”   Jane R.

“Pura Vida”





4 thoughts on “Always Do Your Best…!”

  1. This continues to amaze me and I hope to someday be more closely involved with the wonderful students at the Copey Learning Center and the people of Copey. How grateful I am to know the likes of Mr Broady who has brought awareness to so many, collectively we can make a difference.!

  2. We deeply appreciate every minute you spend talking about this little piece of land! We appreciate you and all your friends. The success of Copey Learning Center is due to the support of people like you!

  3. Congratulation Scrap for displaying the qualities of a truly “totally dedicated individual”. We need to put your picture next to the word “Dedicated” in the dictionary. You have been an inspiration to so many and did so with much humility. I am truly proud and Blessed to have known you most of my life and even more Blessed to be able to call you friend. Be Blessed “My Brother from another mother”.

    Charles aka “Carlos”

    1. My “Brother”,
      Your words mean a great deal to me. Thank you for always being there and please know I have enjoyed our very long and wonderful friendship. I am fortunate to have several friends that go back to high school and further and in some cases, it has been like fine aged wine….”good, then better, and now the best!” Both being men of strong faith, we know “from whence our strength comes” and we know the message provided in Romans 8:28. Humility is easy when you know who is really in control. Thank you for all of you support and especially your friendship. My “Brother”.

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