Change Agents…Possibilitarians!

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”     By  Maria Robinson

Changes At the Copey Learning Center

The Copey Learning Center is experiencing some changes as it continues to be a very unique educational center focused on English education. This very small community has defied the odds of failure as the Copey Learning Center has survived for over a decade with the bare minimum of viable physical and financial resources. The one thing that is in abundance is the community-wide commitment and devotion to providing students better choices in life. The key to these choices revolves around developing English speaking, reading, and writing skills. Copey Learning Center Ad.1

In the beginning the Copey Learning Center depended totally on the support provided by Peace Corps teachers who frequently volunteered for one or two year assignments.

They served as teachers and also performed some duties of the Executive Director, a position requiring pay the center could not afford.

“Friends of Copey”

In 2015, following “Friends of Copey’s” first year of scholarship support, the Copey Center’s Board of Directors decided the long term success of the center would require the services of aCLC Students.10 paid Executive Director (ED). “Friends” was asked to support this new “change” in direction. Beginning in 2015, “Friends” has supplemented the annual salary for the ED.

Would You Serve?

The departure of the current ED, Andrea has been announced as she has accepted a new position…another change.

Previous ED Ana Yancy has been returned as the interim ED until November unless Andrea’s replacement is hired prior to November.

We are posting the call for a qualified ED to lead the Copey Learning Center. Over the years several “Friends” with exceptional experience and qualifications expressed their Jane 5interest in working at the center.

Therefore, I agreed to do some USA recruitment on behalf of the Copey Learning Center. Perhaps, someone would consider a short or long term commitment to take advantage of this very unusual opportunity. Or, perhaps someone has friends or colleagues in the educational community who may be attracted to this opportunity.  

“Making a Difference”

Almost to a person, “Friends” who have been devoted and committed to this most unusual project have been “difference makers”. I often refer to these dedicated friends as possibilitarians…believing no matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, possiblitarians raise their sights and see the possibilities — always see them, for they’re always there.success

This is not to say anything is dark…on the contrary. This is an opportunity to take the center to another level. And, being a die-hard possibilitarian myself, I believe there just may be a potential candidate among “Friends” who will at least investigate the opportunity to lead the Copey Learning Center.  Let me know!

New Arrival!

The Barnard family (Huckleberry) has had a very busy summer. Carol witnessed her only daughter Amie marry a wonderful young man (Aaron) on June 26 and just hours ago Carol became a grandmother for the second time thanks to her younger son Adam and Kayla. We all welcomed in baby girl…Haven Marie Huckleberry at 12:29 today.

Congrats to all!






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