Connecting Our Dots….!

“That’s the funny thing about time. It is only in looking back that it’s easy to connect the dots. To see exactly why everything needed to happen the way that it did.”  By Rebecca Serle

Looking Back…!

Having plenty of time on my hands thanks to Covid-19, I decided to do something I seldom take time to do. I decided to read all the Posts I have written and published during the first two years of “Friends of Copey”. A total of 338 Posts have been issued since December 2013…nearly one Post for each week. The first two years accounted for more than 100 Posts ending in 2015 documenting the developing relationship between the Copey Learning Center and “Friends of Copey”.

Most “Friends” involved in late 2013, and 2014, are no longer involved today. But there are several of the originals I am proud and honored to say have remained die-hard supporters. In 2015 we experienced more new “Friends” joining in. Then in 2016 we added many more new “Friends” with the launching of the “Pathway Project”. Today, I estimate having 150 listed followers and email recipients (Friends), but conservatively speaking, only 40 or so of these “Friends” are considered “active” and consistently supportive and engaged. Apparently, we are blessed with these “Friends” who provide much of the work needed.

zzzFriends w banner
        “Friends” Banner with Some “Friends”

Other “Friends” do check in or monitor our progress often but are mostly supportive from afar which is very common today.

Typically, clubs, groups, and organizations with both large and small membership rolls experience on average 25% of its members consistently or fully engaged…including those organizations requiring membership fees and dues.

Our 25% involvement is remarkable since “Friends” do not pay membership fees or dues and involvement is purely a personal decision.

As a start up project, designed and structured very non-traditionally to support an international rural community, we have always depended on prayers, positive energy, and a few donations to achieve our goals. Certainly, these first years established “Friends” as real and legitimate.

Who knew??? Well, those with tremendous “faith” in this vision, those who valued the concept of “friendship”, and those who felt a strong passion to help others, believed somehow this project could succeed. The Posts from the beginning thru 2015 is today’s evidence of the early success “Friends” rightfully claims.

Since the majority of today’s “Friends” may not have been around before 2016, there is a high probability that many of you have not seen or spent time looking at old Posts. The accomplishments in the earlier years generously supported by the earlier “Friends” were extremely important. The first two years is credited to them and their support.

I ask “Friends” to take a few minutes to “connect a few dots”, and visit for the first time or revisit the few selected Posts from the 2014 era. Be reminded how the project began, the launching of the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund, the Pen Pal Program, and even The Nutcracker performance by some special ballet students.

A few of my favorite 2014 Posts.

  1. sailfish picJanuary 5, 2014  “I Went to Costa Rica to Fish…But I Landed a Mission”. This was only my third Post and was still a very nervous time for me. I started on a journey with a few friends and have been to places now I would have never imagined. The fish turned out smaller than the mission.
  2. May 17, 2014 “A Southern Style…Pen Pal Program”.  This Post introduced our first efforts to establish an “international student exchange” program. Copey students communicating with American students.
  3. August 16, 2014 “Dancing With the Stars”.  The truly amazing story about Copey students who were taking ballet lessons and were invited to join the cast scheduled to perform “The Nutcracker” later in December. Such an exciting story about these talented young females who landed an opportunity of a lifetime.

Ballet Line Up

September 27, 2014 “Friendship Comes in a Box”. American student Pen Pals donated school supplies to the Copey Learning Center in 2014. Numerous other elementary schools across the country began interacting with the Copey Learning Center. Later in 2018, one elementary school in Utah donated and personally delivered a “mother-load” of supplies to the Copey Learning Center. Pen Pal Donation






December 28, 2014 “Happy Ole Year…Happy New Year”.

The Nutcracker provided an exciting end to the first year of our support for the students attending the Copey Learning Center. These students performing in “The Nutcracker” enjoyed a thrill of a lifetime on the big stage in San Jose, CR. Their performance completed a year of support from “Friends” around the country and helped establish very high expectations for the new year 2015.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know you are well, Scrapper. Stay safe. Dave and I feel it is best to continue using social distancing, so we have gone to the extreme of ordering groceries online and using curbside pick-up. The photo of the supplies brought back great and fond memories of working with my High Point students to make a special donation box filled with items to be used by the students of the Copey Learning Center. The fifth graders had fun, felt good about giving, and truly enjoyed writing letters and being involved with students in Costa Rica. Much like distancing in these times, we can still reach out and make a difference in some small way. Thank you for the opportunity to engage with students in Copey.

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