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“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.” by Martin L. King, Jr.

Covid-19 Update…

May is here and we have left winter far behind us now. It did not go unnoticed by me Covid 19 imagealthough I believe most of us were distracted by Covid-19 as we were making the transition to Spring. Covid-19 is still here. Two weeks ago I reported Washington state reporting 10,538 cases and 516 deaths. The state now reports 15,181 cases and 834 deaths. Also, two weeks ago in my bi-county area of the sate, we had 509 cases with 30 deaths reported. This week we report 881 cases and 55 deaths. This points to our ongoing need for caution, common sense, and consideration for others.

Copey Learning Center Update…

Inés Segura Serrano, Copey Learning Center’s Executive Director, reported today the following:

“Things seem to be getting better. Costa Rica has a total of 739 cases and 6 deaths. We have a total of 386 recoveries and 347 active cases. The data mean Costa Rica has registered its 17th-straight day-over-day decrease in known active coronavirus cases. On Friday, Costa Rica began lifting some of its coronavirus restrictions. If the country continues avoiding a rapid rise in cases, it will further ease measures in mid-May. “

She also reports theaters, gyms, and athletic centers are being allowed to open under very strict guidelines. FOC Students 3.91

The country’s Minister of Education has indicated it may be 15 days or so when a proposal will be announced on the re-opening of the public schools. At that time, The Copey Learning Center will then know better what schedule they will implement to coincide with the public school schedule.

Blog Announcement…

As we move swiftly along our seventh year as “Friends of Copey”, the decision has been made to explore a totally new look for the Blog/Post. Making a change is not easy for me sinceAngela with students I feel a strong affection and believe I have a personal relationship with Group copey 2the iconic look of the front of the old Copey Learning Center. This represents a major change for me. The front of the Copey Learning Center has become a true landmark and is literally recognized by others around the world. Most visitors to Copey enjoy having their photo taken at the front door. This is one of the very few instances that you can even find the name Copey. Therefore, a photo becomes positive proof of having been to this extraordinary place. Only a very few minor changes have been made to the look and design of the Post during the first six years of existence.

Mahatma Gandhi is quoted saying, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. EH Shirt Photos

The idea for changing our popular page surfaced when we lost access to the Copey Learning CLC.3Center facility at the end of the 2019 school year. A new permanent location for the Copey Learning Center still has not been identified.

I will update you next week on our efforts to put a wholly new face on the Blog…”Friends of Copey”. Perhaps, this will provide some new perspective on the never ending desire to one day have our own facility bearing the growing popular Copey Learning Center brand.

Stay faithful and connected.



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