Been Engineered for Success…!

“The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. ‘                                                    By    Mark Twain

Covid  Update..!

Covid-19 continues to be a major story in this community. But, there is growing evidence that we are moving back slowly to some form of normal. One clue representing change is that local fishing is now open for anglers to enjoy. Around here this is a big deal. I am getting my fishing poles ready so I can feel like my life is returning to normalCovid 19 image.

The updated data as of the weekend includes 1,239 total cases and 68 deaths reported for the two counties (death rate of 5.5%). This compares to 881 cases and 55 deaths reported last week (death rate of 6.2%). This week’s rate is lower than the rate about 4 weeks ago when it was 5.9%. Continue the safety measures in place sensibly.

Copey Learning Center Update..!

I do not have a current update to the situation in Costa Rica or Copey but my understanding is there may be a gradual relief of measures in place involving travel and “stay at home” policies. Hopefully, the schools will re-open soon.

Big Announcement!

If our Blog reconstruction progress continues. Next week’s Post will have a completely different look if all goes well.

The goal is to have a new Blog design that is more user friendly with more available information including; a photo gallery, separate sections devoted to the Pathway Project, Key Friends, Scorecard Reports, “How to Become a Friend”, “Special Posts”, to list only a few new features. “Friends” have been engineered for success…!

I am ready…hope you are ready… for a new and exciting image of our project. 

zzzBanner of FOC

Plan for next week’s Official launching of our new “Friends of Copey” Blog.

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