Stay Optimistic…!

“I am full of optimism. The world hasn’t beaten it out of me yet. And I’m going to work very hard to make sure that they don’t.”    By Jordan Gavaris     

Covid-19 Update

Great news that Washington state is showing some decline in the rate of cases and deaths due to Covid-19. Discussions are beginning on how we start our way back although today the state reports a total of 10,538 cases and 516 deaths. And, in the two county area where I reside, there are 509 cases with 30 deaths reported as of today.

We are eager to return to some form of normal living. We have the same stay at home, social distance, mask wearing, and other measures in place similar to other locations. But, in my community it is not always visually obvious that all are complying. Some believe the measures are too restrictive. Perhaps, the real struggle we face now is finding the wonderful balance between health/safety and liberty/freedom. I am praying most “Friends” are seeing similar signs of hope. Stay optimistic!

The Copey Learning Center

Diego Copey
Diego at work

We should not forget the main reason we are “Friends”. Staying on task as we all deal with Covid-19 in the USA and in Costa Rica is very difficult.

During this time in years past, we were preparing for our annual fundraising efforts to support the annual Pathway Project. Students from Emory & Henry College would be preparing to travel to Copey in May and students in Copey would be preparing to travel to America in June.

The journey is cancelled for the college students and, the Copey students planning to travel to America is unofficially cancelled although we are still holding on for a small miracle.

Some days I cannot figure out what to do next under the virus circumstances. During the last four years it was very clear what was needed to be done as we started the fundraising efforts. We will figure out new ways to support the center in view of the current conditions.

In the meantime, the Copey students are doing the same thing in their homes as many students in my community are doing. The student shown is Diego. He is a six year old and first grader at the Copey Learning Center. He is highly regarded by the volunteer teachers and well liked by his peers.Diego Photo

Diego is a scholarship student and has been a student for three years. He is highly motivated to become competent in his English speaking, writing, and reading skills.

I sincerely hope we continue our support long enough to see Diego travel to America one day as a member of the “Pathway Project”.

Final Words…!

I continue to enjoy hearing from “Friends” so this week I will let “Friends” have the last word.

“We must remain positive for the children and their future. I applaud the teachers, students, parents, director, and volunteers for their dedication to learning.”           L. Baldwin

“Stay healthy and well to you and your family.”  J. Harter

“So glad to hear the Costa Rican government is taking this seriously! They will therefore save lives.”  E. Davis




4 thoughts on “Stay Optimistic…!”

  1. I feel certain that Diego will have the opportunity to travel to America. It is reassuring to read about students who are so committed to learning during this uncertain time and to know how dedicated their teachers and others are to their education. Like Ed, I’m happy to know that Covid 19 is being taken seriously there in Costa Rica. I am in a rural area in NC where many of the residents aren’t taking precautions and not distancing themselves. It is sad to me to see this kind of behavior when so many are very sick and there have been so many deaths. The good news is that many folks are staying home, wearing masks and gloves when going to the grocery store, and staying in touch by email, phone, Zoom, etc. Thank you, Scrapper, for your correspondence. Being creative with our time and energy is important, and this is another reason I thank those who teach. I am reminded of our wonderful art, music, drama, and writing teachers and how they haven’t always received the applause they deserve. While self isolating I have found myself trying those art projects I was either afraid to tackle or wouldn’t take time to sit down and try. I’m finding joy in being creative, even if the final result looks like I’m still in kindergarten!!!! I’m reading a book entitled The Meditative Gardener. Here is my favorite quote so far, “There seems to be time only to look, note, and look away. Outside pressures distract; nourishment for our mind and feelings becomes ever more meager. It is a gardener’s pleasure, as it could be the designer’s privilege, to break this crazy rhythm, to change and break the rush of time, and make the garden a quiet island in which a moment has a new meaning.” By Russell Page I hope you enjoy this thought. Sending best wishes, safety, and great health to all.

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