Good Health is a Human Blessing

“If you don’t do what’s best for your body, you’re the one who comes up on the short end.”     By  Julius Erving  (Dr. J.)


The battle continues as we find ways to protect ourselves and endure the growing challenges the Covid-19 Virus presents. I am well and all “Friends” I have been communicating with also seem to be managing all this in stride. So I pray this is true for all “Friends”.  Let me know how you are doing.

My “Friend” Bob, originally a Washingtonian, was responsible for my first and second trip to Costa Rica. He was with me when I traveled to Copey and met the Founder, Seidy for the first time at the Copey Learning Center. Bob now resides in Jaco, Costa Rica. He reported recently some of the agressive conditions being imposed on citizens of Costa Rica.

Arthur and Bob in Quepos

These more strongly imposed conditions during Holy Week or Semana Santa are very significant since it is historically a week complete with celebrations and parades throughout Costa Rica. Bob’s comments are provided for you to see:

“This week is usually the start of a huge Holiday, here in Costa Rica. Now thru Easter is a really big deal. Not this year. All the bars, restaurants, and the beaches are closed. They have limited driving, using the last number on your license plate. I can drive today (Friday), and again on Monday, with few restrictions on where I go. Then I can’t drive again until Saturday, and then only in town and to the grocery store, to a Doctor or Pharmacy. So Monday I have to buy for a whole week. 

Jaco 4
Beach in Jaco


Costa Rica is pretty serious about not letting this get out of hand. 417 cases, with 3 deaths, and 13 in ICU. With everything closed, some days, I don’t even open the front door. Staying home is staying safe. If you go on the beach, the police arrive, and you get arrested. Stay safe folks, stay home.”  Bob Barnard

The Copey Learning Center

Nothing new or different to report since the only teaching or instruction is being done either on-line or by providing hard copies of lessons to children at home. I appreciate the commitment shown by the Copey Learning Center to take such measures to continue the education process. The volunteer teachers who face travel retrictions are making the best of the situation. My respect for them has skyrocketed!  

A brief word about “Friends”. I am really appreciative for the notes and comments I receive each week which helps keep me focused, positive, and faithful. Often I speak about how unique and special the Copey community is and this is a fact. However, I do not do well saying the same thing about “Friends”.  All “Friends” are important to this effort and I have a deep and abiding love and respect for all.

But, I do want to highlight those who take a couple minutes out of their busy day to say in a variety of ways “hello and to remind me they are a friend”.

I’m Blessed!



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