Optimism Reflects Faith…!

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. ”               By Helen Keller

Impossible Translated….”I’m Possible”!

Copey Student learning
Learning Before the Virus

The virus war continues as we experience the 24 hour coverage of the Covid-19 Virus sweeping the land, near and far. We are all in the virus war whether we accept this fact or not. And, we should all participate on the level most appropriate for the conditions confronting us individually. So, do what is called for to protect yourself and those nearby.  And, have faith that this will not last forever.

Thank you for the very kind notes and reminders that we can be very encouraging to one another. People need to be lifted up and supported with optimism because as “Friends” we are also “possibilitarians”.

The Copey Learning Center

I have received some questions regarding the present and future of the Copey Learning Center as Copey responds to their government’s protective medical policies and requirements. I am in regular communication with the Director, Ines Segura Serrano and receive updates on the Center’s response to the closures of educational facilities.

Although the facility is not open for classes, education still continues. The volunteer teachers who had just arrived in Copey prior to the outbreak of the virus, are still in Copey. They are busy on the job developing at-home work lessons for many of the students. Some students are working on-line and others are provided hard copy worksheets to complete.

Copey Student work.1
Learning During Virus

This is just one more sign of evidence pointing to the extraordinary character of the Copey community and its devotion to education. The easier thing from them to do under these conditions would be to completely shut down and set education aside until their situation gets much better. Copey just does not do the easy things and just getting by is not apparent part of their DNA. The volunteers are still at work, the Director is still is at work, and most important the students are still at work.

It would be very interesting to know how many rural communities in Costa Rica are conducting a private and independent educational service during a shut down in their country. You can believe this…Copey is not like other rural communities in Costa Rica and different from many other rural communities in nearby countries.

Copey Student work
Learning During Virus

This is very important for us to know, understand, and accept. Just before the virus crisis hit, we provided nearly $4,000.00 to the Copey Learning Center to support scholarships and the Executive Director’s salary. Our support is now helping to allow education to continue. This is a major point for us to embrace. 

Therein lies one of the great reasons I have been dedicated and devoted to the efforts of the Copey community. In view of the bad news we must manage each day, there is positive news we can personally and individually enjoy as “Friends”.






4 thoughts on “Optimism Reflects Faith…!”

  1. Thank you so much for this update, Scrapper. In hard times, people like teachers are more important than ever. When kids get anxious or scared, they imagine the worst, but the school’s learning activities can provide an anchor to reality. Copey Learning Center is just where it ought to be, and I am so proud of the teachers!

    1. Ed,
      Teachers are the key to so much of what is needed in this world. We too often fail to honor, cherish, and reward those who take on the awesome responsibility of preparing stduents for life. There are very good reasons why volunteer teachers seek out Copey as a place to serve. The rumor among past volunteers suggest you go there to teach and give and you leave there having learned and received. The magic of Copey is not wasted on teachers. Pack you bags! My Dear Friend.

  2. I ditto both your and Ed’s words, Scrapper. I have been corresponding with some of my teacher friends who, like myself, wish we could do more during these trying times. I applaud the teachers, students, parents, director, and volunteers for their dedication to learning. Education is so important, as we see every day when we watch the news. Where would we be without our scientists, researchers, nurses, doctors, and SO many more out there who learned from their teachers and are giving back each and every day? As I have said many times, I hope that one day I will be one of those volunteer teachers who can share my love of learning with those wonderful life long learners in Copey.

    1. EXCELLENT…You said it all so well! And yes…where would we all be today without those working so hard who were all taught by teachers. THANKS…SO MUCH!

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