Take Your Vitamins…!

Faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul; man and woman cannot live in health without them.         By Mahalia Jackson

First and foremost, my prayers and well wishes go out to all “Friends of Copey” as we Quote for kidattempt to survive and endure the current challenges we face with Covid-19. I am a devoted optimistic and it is during these times of tribulations and uncertainties when I feel the most emboldened.

My senses suggest that many “Friends” are by nature optimistic and are being the important source of assurance and comfort for many. I just believe if there are people needing support and encouragement, a “Friend” is among those providing to others. “Friends” are very good people…and I know or have met most of you. I know your heart and have seen your willingness to extend your help to people you have never met. I am absolutely convinced you would do the same or more to those you know and love. Therefore “Friends”, meet this virus challenge head on and be the lighted path to follow for those in need. “Share your vitamins!” 

The Copey Learning Center…

Very little contact has been made with the Copey Learning Center over the past couple of weeks. I am informed the center is closed along with all other public and private schools according to the orders of the Costa Rican government.

As reported in the previous Post, the impacts of the virus is touching our future plans with the “2020 Pathway Project“. Traveling is probably cancelled for the Emory & Henry College students planning to go to Copey in May. Recent reports from the college indicates students are not returning from Spring Break and will complete their semester using on-line educational sources.

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I think the decision is not yet finalized on Copey students traveling to the college in June.  There is an outside chance that a sufficient level of decline in the virus epidemic will allow these plans to continue. Our optimism and faith are strong.

As a final note….my money is on the prayerful and positive minded people to be the ones leading the way to the elimination of this threat. There is room for caution. And, we should have a sense of urgency, a honest curiosity for the facts, and a common sensical game plan. Our attitude and determination will produce positive results. Stay connected and safe.



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  1. Wonderful message, Scrapper! Thank you! And we hope you and your family are all well!

  2. Words of wisdom, Scrapper. Thank you for keeping “Friends” informed. Sending our very best wishes for safety and great health to all.

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