“Abundance of Caution”

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains…where does my help come from?”                  Psalm 121:1

The Copey Learning Center

The world-wide virus has become part of the discussion pertaining to the “Friends of Copey” and the immediate future of the “2020 Pathway Project”. Recently, out of the “abundance of caution” (new phrase that has taken over…“at the end of the day”), Emory & Henry College (E&H College) has reportedly placed an indefinite ban on international travel for both students and staff.

Of course, this decision is very necessary and prudent. It is consistent with the latest national news of college and university temporary closings. There will be a review by E&H College in several weeks to evaulate the need to continue the ban on international travel.

CLC New Location
Current Copey Learing Center

This travel ban has a direct impact on the Copey Learning Center, E&H College, and “Friends of Copey”. Four E&H College students were planning to travel to Copey in May and four travelers from Copey were planning to travel in June to America and to E&H College as part of our annual “Pathway Project”.

We are proceeding carefully with our plans just in case there is a lifting of the ban in time for us to do all or part of the “Pathway Project” this year.

The Corona Virus (COVID19)

The state of Washington has the highest level of virus activity with the highest reported cases of the virus and highest number of deaths at this time. This has us Washingtonians all very sensitive and concerned about daily life activities although as recent as last Friday, there has been no reports confirming cases of the virus in my community.

Regardless, public schools have been ordered closed while organizations and community services, planned events, sports, and many other activities involving large gatherings are shutting down almost daily. I am hopeful we will soon see the peak of this virus and then witness declines in reported cases and deaths, not just in Washington state, but elsewhere.

Join me in adhering to the general advice to use common sense, to apply good health practices, and to avoid neeedless risks to yourself and others.

Thank you for being “Friends”!






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  1. The precautions here are much the same AK. I am just in from seeing my urologist this morning and it is eerie how quiet the traffic is. In his waiting area there was only me and two other guys. Good for us, but not good for “business as usual”. Generalizing, I see no way to avoid a recession. Keep your powder dry and try not to worry about your 401K’s status. It will bounce back in time. L

  2. Thinking of you, Scrapper, and hoping for good health and safety for you and all of our friends.

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