Have Friends…Will Travel!

“We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” By Robert Louis Stevenson

The Best Journey…!

I had an amazing time during my recent trip to southwest Virginia. During the short seven days back home, I made progress with my historical research efforts regarding my sixth-great grandfather. Also, with Dr. Ed Davis, we were able to keep our plans to add Emory & Henry College students to the Dream Team. And, I had two days of high school reunion activities.

Class of 1966 Reunion!

I saw many old school mates and friends during my 55th Class Reunion in Marion, Virginia. Several of these classmates have been my friends since elementary school.

These are really good people back home in southwest Virginia. They are genuine, sincere, and just people who value friendships. I was blessed that my life began in that part of the world. The folks I saw, spoke with, and rekindled relationships more than half a century old are my friends till the end.

Mayor David Helms of the town of Marion presented me my second official “Key to the City” of Marion. I appreciate being considered worthy twice of such recognition. And, I hope my hometown fully accepts my sincere gratitude and appreciation for what the town has meant to me over the years.

New Friends!

I also met some very special new “friends”. Garrett Jackson, Walter Jenny and his wife Rose Ann. I was guest speaker at the Black’s Fort Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and met Regent Beth Denton. These new friends and old friends Joella and Carman were extraordinary and very helpful in my ongoing historical research efforts.

Revolutionary War!

Then, I spent time with a most unusual group of folks. These are the very rough and tough representatives of the Overmountain Victory Trail Association. They are descendants and representatives of those men who marched from Abingdon, Virginia to Kings Mountain, SC to fight the British Army in the American Revolutionary War.

As I write this Post, these men are on their way to Kings Mountain as part of the annual re-enactment march and victory for freedom. Godspeed!

Dream Team Teacher!

I met Emery Reid in person even though we have been connected for a year with “Friends of Copey”.  Emery is the real deal leaving little wonder why he is such an effective high school teacher. I live a blessed life.

Emory & Henry College Students!

The Dream Team is now being joined by college students to assist in the On-Line Education Project with the Copey Learning Center. Next week, I will provide a full report on this important development.

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  1. So much wonderful news, Scrapper. I am so glad to read that you had a fine time in VA. Happy autumn!

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