Live Your Gratitude…!

“I’m very proud to be black, but black is not all I am. That’s my cultural historical background, my genetic makeup, but it’s not all of who I am nor is it the basis from which I answer every question.”  By Denzel Washington

Bring in the Additional Team

The plans to include college students with the on-line educational project at Copey Learning Center are now underway with the Dream Team preparing to use several Emory & Henry College students as “interns”.

Some photos are arriving now of the students in the facility currently being used by the Copey Learning Center on a temporary basis. It is temporary since the center is still officially closed under the protocol of the country’s action against Covid-19. This very limited in-house education is being provided by “Dream Team” teacher, Suzanne.

Also, “adult education” classes are now being made available for the Copey adults. This will be covered much more in the forthcoming Posts. Suffice to say, Copey Learning Center is alive and well.

The Audiocast Delayed!

I have decided to delay the next audiocast since my audio plans far exceeded the time I thought I had to get some things done. Within a couple of hours I will be on the airplane heading back to Virginia to spend a week. This trip includes a wide variety of activities including a high school reunion, working on my family’s history, and of course some time with E&H College representatives to discuss Copey maters. I will update you on the news when I return.

The Final Quarter

Some “Friends” enjoy the metrics associated with this Blog. I maintain constant watch on how we are doing reaching our audience. 

Every year our goal is to see improvements, sustain, and reach a greater number of “Friends” in support of this project . There is a small to good chance our “viewership” numbers at the end of 2021 will result in the highest or next to the highest level over the eight year period of operation.

Remember, this is a reflection on your continuous interest as measured by your visits to the Post. For the majority of “Friends” the Post is the only form of connection and communication available. Therefore, the only reasonable method to determine level of support and interest is with viewership. Each time you visit a Post, we get credit for your visit as it is electronically reported and maintained by Country.

This in part explains why we constantly look for ways to attract you to the Post. And, we believe this demands much devotion and commitment on this end to keep you involved.

Expressing your gratitude is good. Living your gratitude is best!


5 thoughts on “Live Your Gratitude…!”

  1. I am expressing my gratitude in a big way. Thank you to everyone involved with Friends of Copey, and especially Arthur Broady, our leader and mentor.

  2. This is such good news. To think your message of hope for Copey is reaching more people than ever!!!! I hope so!

  3. As usual, You are spot on Scrapper! Loving intent arising from the embrace of gratitude is the absolute solution to all mankind’s ills.

    1. You and Cindy continue to be a blessing and a key source of my encouragement and hope. You will never know how much it means to have you so close to our project…physically and operationally. Thank you

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