Be Led by Dreams!

“No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big.” – Unknown

School is Going Great!

I have visited each class at least once over the past two weeks and it is going very well. These are excellent “Dream Team” teachers at work. As an observer, I just sit and watch educational magic take place with the students attending.

There is an obvious benefit having three of the four teachers with past Copey Learning Center (on-line) experience. “This is not their first rodeo” . They all know their job.

And there is a significant plus to having Suzanne on board although it is her first semester. Suzanne is a highly capable and experienced teacher. She brings a great deal of international experience providing us with a very well rounded core of teachers. And she resides in Copey. Our blessings never cease.

When you add all of these benefits, it is so easy to see the “Dream Teams” only get stronger with each semester. And there is a joy seeing these young students excited about learning.

As best I can tell, there is not another team of teachers “anywhere” in this world, who can do what these teachers do, the way they do it, and for whom they do it.

Emery Reid…Dream Team I and III

The Interview 2020…! Celeste conducted an interview with Emery during the first semester in 2020. This is a repeat showing. It is a great interview since we seldom have a chance to hear first hand a “Dream Teamer’s” viewpoint.

Emery shares how he became an involved Dream Team teacher and the results of his involvement teaching Copey students. This semester he teaches pre high school Copey students. He has a few great ideas under development. One idea may result in his Virginia public school students interacting with the Copey Learning Center students. Hopefully, this will work out.

Give the “Dream Team” a shout of gratitude.

Aunt Katherine’s Birthday Is Today!

This is one of the latest books published about Aunt Katherine. This book was co-authored by Aunt Katherine and her two daughters. I have the audio version and it is a wonderful account of her life’s “journey”.

Many of the “Friends” who grew up or even lived in or around southwest Virginia should get a copy. There is so much indirect history provided. In fact, Aunt Katherine’s Remarkable Journey in many ways has been our journey also.

Happy Birthday!



Major Changes in the Blog (audiocast)

Last week I announced we are adding and revising several features on this Blog to better inform and to communicate with “Friends”. Check out this week’s audiocast for details.

Thanks for the audiocast feedback from last week. Very encouraging!  

Thought I would share a couple comments from long time friends.

“Good audio cast Brother Art!!  Bruce H. from Hawaii

“Great Job on the Audiocast, my brother. Very informative and should lead to attracting other Friends. Congratulations!”  Charles J. from Texas


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