Believe…Things Can Be…!

“Hope is the word which God has written on the brow of every man and woman.”   By Victor Hugo

Covid-19 Update…!

According to the Costa Rican Times newspaper, the recent Covid-19 news is not very good. There are spikes in cases caused by new variants, the exponential growth, and the relaxation of preventive measures.

Considered to be the worst month (April) since the start of the pandemic, the Costa Rican National Emergency Commission’s president called this “a critical moment and asked that those in the Central Valley stay home as much as possible for the next week and that we all make the maximum effort to protect ourselves and others.”

For the Copey Learning Center, this appears to be a strong signal that the next trimester will continue with on-line education. We can expect the need for the next “Dream Team” to be recruited very soon.

Another Dream Team Profile…!

This week’s special profile continues our streak of extraordinary volunteers doing extraordinary things. The diversity of Dream Team II is hard to compete with as we learn more about who is currently working with the Copey Learning Center students.

Please meet Ms. Sonya Boyko. She was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Her travels and educational experiences are extensive and very commendable. Long before she earned her college certificate in Early Childhood Education and a BA in Psychology, long before she spent 35 years in the field of education, long before she developed a desire for life-long learning, and long before she became a mother to three children, she traveled extensively.

Sonya has traveled to the United States, Britain, Scotland, Ukraine, Mexico, Portugal and Spain, France and Germany and other countries. She taught English at a prestigious school in Shenyang, China. Her students have represented many different countries, backgrounds, cultural differences, and even students with physical and educational disabilities.

Some of the most impressive attributes Sonya shares as a Dream Team II member includes her love of education and her devotion to having a positive educational impact on the lives and life-choices of her students. She believes learning a language such as English can cause doors of opportunities to swing open. And, she has clearly devoted her life working around the world…making a difference. 

I have observed Sonya during her class time with the Copey students. It is enjoyable to watch and astonishing to see the classroom magic she performs with her pre-school and kindergarten Copey students. Sonya wishes to say:

“Let me first say how excited I am to join this amazing and dedicated Dream Team of 2021. I have a love for teaching others new skills. I realize that my work in education has made a positive and enriching impact on the lives of many individuals. Thank you all for this amazing opportunity and hoping to meet up face to face one day soon.”

The Hope Award…!

Many “Friends” will recall Kara Stewart. Kara while a student at Emory & Henry College, spent time at the Copey Learning Center as a student volunteer in May 2018. While in Copey she captured the hearts and souls of those she worked with. And, she is certainly a favorite with her high energy level, can-do attitude, and community spirit. 

Last week, Kara was honored as one of the recipients of the Emory & Henry College’s 20th Annual Hope Award. The Hope Awards highlight extraordinary civil service in the region by recognizing members of the community who live up to the college’s values and “build hope” in Southwest Virginia. Although a graduate now, Kara continues being a strong community leader and one of the most outstanding members of “Friends”. The college continues to recognize her value to the community.

I should also note that a past recipient of the Hope Award is Dr. Ed Davis of Emory & Henry College. Dr. Davis is a major supporter and devoted “Friend of Copey”. Both Hope recipients are reasons why our relationship with the college is so strong and our efforts are so successful.

“Hope…A passion for the promise!”






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  1. Sonya is a wonderful teacher, I can tell. And Kara Stewart, the Hope Award winner, is headed out to a great life of service. As for the Costa Rican situation, I sure hope they can get more people vaccinated soon. My prayers go out to the people of Costa Rica, especially our friends in Copey.

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