What’s Knocking….It’s Opportunity!

“Service to humanity…is the best work of life.”  Jaycee Creed

Dream Team II…!

Volunteer teachers for the Copey Learning Center provide a remarkable example of service to humanity. Furthermore, such service is extraordinary because these volunteer teachers are themselves extraordinary. They hear the knocking sound of “opportunity”. I love to call this team of volunteers the “Dream Team II”.

I am honored to introduce to the “Friends of Copey” Dr. Teresa Keller, a current “Dream Team II” member.

Dr. Keller spent 32 years as a college professor before her retirement. Her earlier careers included being a journalist, television newscaster, radio reporter, talk show host, and much more.

She was presented with the award for Virginia Professor of the Year in 2003 by the Carnegie Foundation. In 2010, the Virginia Council on Higher Education awarded her the Outstanding Faculty Award. 

Although Dr. Keller is technically retired, it is retirement in name only, similar to many “Friends”. She currently hosts a weekly radio talk show, and is the author of “Television News: The Heart and How-To of Video Storytelling”.

Even with a full schedule, she finds the time to meet with Copey students each week to help develop their knowledge of English. Just as important, she shares what is in her heart…her love for students and education. There is no one better equipped to teach English and communication than Dr. Keller.

Covid-19 tried to shut down our efforts to support the Copey Learning Center. However, we know when some doors close, other doors soon open. We constantly look for opportunities regardless of the situation because this is just what “Possibilitarians” do. Dr. Keller and other Dream Team II members are included among those who find opportunities to turn a negative situation into a positive.  

This “Dream Team II” is professionally diverse and capable of making a difference. Copey students are fortunate to have these volunteers working with them each week. 

Dr. Keller recently wrote:

“I have realized that this teaching position involves quite a bit of work!  It’s worth it, though, because these young people are just as I expected them to be:  smart, beautiful, and inspirational.  It’s an honor to work with them and to be connected to Copey.”   




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  1. Great story. I think Dr. Keller is a true community hero – she has helped thousands of people in her life. Copey is made better because of her!

  2. I always enjoyed hearing Dr. Keller’s radio show and enjoyed getting to know her while Dave and I were at Emory & Henry. Thanks for sharing more good news about her work with Copey. Lisa B.

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