Victory Is Ours!

“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”  By Horace Mann

One Last Achievement for 2021

Last week I reported we were less than 100 visit counts below our annual all time high for visits to the “Friends of Copey” blog. Our unusually high record of visits established in 2017 was very difficult to match the following three years. Last year we came the closest but fell short of tying the high mark of 4,055.

Could we ever beat the 2017 high mark? With such a short time remaining on December 29, the deficit was nearly 100 short and seemed too great to overcome in the very few days left in 2021. Of course, as the eternal optimist, I was hopeful, but I am also a realistic optimist.

With Christmas having just past and New Year’s Day still ahead, I had my concerns. Maybe “Friends” would not bother reading a Post. Maybe only a “divine intervention” could push the count high enough to tie or beat the 2017 high mark.

Then Wednesday afternoon of December 29th and into the evening, the count began to move upward, slowly then more rapidly. By midnight the latest count was only a dozen below the high mark. When I checked the stats early the next morning, our count had passed the high level mark. Our  “victory” had arrived.

“Friends of Copey” did it! You rallied and you made the difference. The only way we achieved this high mark was because “Friends” responded. We thrive on “divine Intervention”. What seems impossible at times for us…is really a matter of probability and not possibility.

We did not only reach the high mark set in 2017, we kept going until the New Year arrived. At midnight on December 31st, our final count was 4,140. We made up the deficit and added 85 more to set a new high level mark. Victory is so sweet!

Hitting a new high is special but there is much more involved than simply hitting a number. This is a “Victory for Humanity!”

I certainly enjoy Christmas and especially the Christian meaning behind all the blessings and joys along with the giving and receiving.

“Friends of Copey” is a gift…a very special gift. It is a blessing to the receiver and the giver. It is a gift wrapped with a ribbon of love and respect, prayers and best wishes, all in the true spirit of Christmas.

I now have an updated list of “Friends” who have reported the desire to continue being informed in 2022 of the work and progress resulting from our efforts. Our 9th year is full of great expectations. It is just amazing to be affiliated with “Friends” willing to voluntarily devote their time, talents, and resources.

It just seems at times so inadequate, but the best I can do is simply say “Thank You” to all the “Friends of Copey”.

2022 Awaits Us!


4 thoughts on “Victory Is Ours!”

  1. As we know from the Tortoise and the Hare, “Slow and Steady Wins the Race.” HOORAY for Friends of Copey! I am so happy. Thank you, Scrapper, for keeping us updated and motivated. You are a great leader. Happy New Year, and best wishes to all Friends.

  2. So good to think that the word about Copey is reaching thousands of people! Good work to all on the team!

  3. Happy New Year, Scrapper! The Best only happens to the Best and Highly Favored. Always, Zina

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