Ideas Implemented Is Progress

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”  By Edward Everett Hale

Volunteer Teacher Recruitment..!

The next on-line English Education semester is set for the first week of August. We are still working to increase the number of volunteer teachers. Therefore, I am still doing what I can to assist. Help is desperately needed!

English Education Success…!

I enjoyed featuring the brief essay last week authored by Tobia Monge. I am sharing another essay (excerpt). Mariana, the author, is also a Copey Learning Center student who has developed a very high level of English proficiency. Mariana (pictured) provides a wonderful and touching report on her mother, Lorena. She writes:

“Lorena Mora was born in a really retired borough, were most of her neighbors were family and the only cars that went in were to send a message or visit someone. She walked her way to school with her two older brothers for around an hour, even under the rain. Sometimes it was hard and tiring but they ended up finding ways to have fun every single day.  Also, almost all the kids surrounding her were boys, which caused two things: all the games were the ones the boys preferred, and she ended up liking the outside and adventures more.

After that she remembers starting high school in a nearby town. A new phase, full of dreams and aspirations, she really liked it and made friends to this day but then when she was around fifteen her father was diagnosed with cancer, changing her life forever. Some of those dreams were crushed and her vision in life took a 360º turn as she deeply loved and had an attachment to her dad.

She decided to quit school to dedicate more time to her father and help with the house chores.”

Read the full story at:

Special News Announcement:

The first Post for August will (I hope) include an oral presentation by me. I want to diversify the way I will provide you information in the future. Many of you have been wonderful and devoted “Friends” reading my Posts each week for almost eight years. You deserve a change!

The Post site is flexible enough to try something a little different and it is an idea worthy of trying. It is an idea I want to implement to help us progress. Will keep you updated on how this is all working out.

And yes, there is still pending a major announcement. The secret is still needing some of the details worked out but I expect to share the news very soon.

Recent Comments about Aunt Katherine…!

“I look forward to receiving my copy of the book and the audible tape about AuntKatherine. I feel that I am “extended family” knowing you and the locations that are familiar in her life. She was, and continues to be, an inspiration for all of us.” Kay F.

“Enjoy listening about your wonderful aunt’s journey, Scrapper. It would be fun to have a book club zoom discussion with those who read or listen to the book.” Lisa B.

Perhaps a book club zoom discussion would be very useful. Any thoughts from other “Friends”?


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