Passion + Purpose = Joy!

If you can’t figure out your purpose, then figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” –T.D. Jakes


Bishop T.D. Jakes is absolutely correct. Our purpose is covered over with our passion. When we begin to pull back the covering of our passion, our purpose becomes clear and obvious. I have found this the case with “Friends of Copey”. The purpose of “Friends of Copey” is never in doubt and the passion is always present. You might call this “joy”.

One Hot Summer…!

Just when I thought we might be cooling off around here, another heat wave is upon us. More 100 plus degree weather predicted for the next few days.  Also, I noticed the mid-west is feeling the heat also. This is one hot summer!

Dream Team Update…!

Some progress has been made on the Dream Team volunteer teacher crisis we are struggling with. A member of the first “Dream Team” has returned to teach again. Emery Reid is rejoining the team and he has returned with some innovative ideas and a lot of energy. Emery’s return is joyful news. He first time around resulted in his students having a very positive experience. I observed his class several times and there is a strong bond between him and his students. Some of this has to do with the fact he is very fluent in Spanish. Thank you Emery!

Blessings Do Abound. Three of the new “Dream Team III” volunteer teachers are true veterans. Jane Rutlege (North Carolina) is returning for her third on-line semester.

Sonya Boyko (Canada) and Emery (Virginia) are returning for their second semester. This will be the strongest and most experienced “Dream Team” of volunteers ever.

We still have hopes of confirming one or two more volunteers. However, we will go forth with what we have.

“Friends of Copey” are true “possibility thinkers”, We stay optimistic and believe there is a way for things to work out. We believe in what we are doing and we keep the door of hope wide open. I have been calling on “Friends” to help us build this semester’s team of volunteer teachers. My hope continues to run high because I know one or two of you are still thinking about what this means to the ongoing education of the Copey students.

New Video Availability…!

Well, it is actually a video produced a couple years ago. But, this video is very special. Part of the original video included Spanish dialogue making it difficult to for non-speaking Spanish “Friends” to understand.

Now, the video has been transformed. There is an English translation for the sections when Spanish is being spoken. This makes following the dialogue a little better than before. The real key features are the students speaking English and sharing information about their travels to the United States, visiting Washington D.C and the experiences at Emory & Henry College. Those of us who were directly involved in the “Pathway Project” will or should enjoy this demonstration of progress and success of the Copey Learning Center.

It is wonderful to hear the students sing praises for the efforts the many who made their travels a success. Just click on the arrow.

Next Week…!

My hope is that we will have further announcements to make and I will launch my first audio presentation in my Post. Always something going on with “Friends of Copey”.


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