Hear The Diesels Humming?

“People get ready, there is a train a coming…need no ticket. Just get on board and…thank the Lord.”  By Curtis Mayfield

School Starts…!

Starting on Monday, The Copey Learning Center is scheduled to begin its Fall semester of on-line English education. We had a fantastic meeting last Saturday with the teachers and “Dream Team III” is ready to go.

Starting next week, I will provide the profiles of “Dream Team III”. You will again be very impressed with the quality and diversity of experience and knowledge the Copey students will be exposed to.

One of the “Dream Team III” members will provide an extra feature worth noting. Because one of the team members resides in Copey, there will be a couple classes done on-site in Copey. This “Dream Team III” member helps us provide a hybrid opportunity for our students. More on this added feature next week.

Special Announcements…!

I have been promising that I have special announcements to share. I will not keep you in suspense any longer, although some of the specific details are not finalized.

First, recall last week I made reference to the addition of an audio feature to my Post. This is a certainty and we are busy getting this all set up. I thought I could roll this out for this Post but I do not have things ready at this time. So, stay tuned for something new and unusual. 

The second announcement pertains to plans to hold a “Friends of Copey” virtual conference. We are planning a Fall Reunion on Zoom and will invite “Friends” from all over to join in. The details are still being worked out and more information will follow.

We have lost two years of the Pathway Project. The Annual Reception held each June has been cancelled and we just want to get together to renew our friendships and interests. Therefore, we will host a “Fall Reunion” and celebrate our success and accomplishments, reunite with many of our students, Dream Team volunteers, supporters, and “Friends” everywhere.

This is expected to be a big reunion with some great surprises to look forward to. Keep watching for more details.

Happy Birthday Aunt Pat…!

           “You Are Just getting better!”

Partnership Presentation Given…!

One of our most devoted partners over the years has been the Tri-Cities Industry Kiwanis (TCI) Club located in Richland, Washington. I am a long time member and naturally

the TCI Kiwanis Club has been an active partner in support of “Friends of Copey”. Not only is the Kiwanis Club a partner, several of the club’s members are individual “Friends’ who have provided their personal support for years.

Last Friday, I presented my annual “Friends of Copey” update during the TCI Kiwanis Club meeting. I was honored to share the news regarding the Copey Learning Center, the Copey community, and the successful relationship we have enjoyed for almost eight years.

Given the response to the presentation, our Kiwanis partnership is as strong as ever. There is so much we can be thankful for. Our past is rich and our future is bright. Thank you TCI Kiwanis.

“I can hear the train coming and I invite you to join me by getting on board.”

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