A Change is Gonna Come..!

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”   By  George Bernard Shaw

Welcome to AudioCast!

“Friends of Copey” is on the move again. You are invited to listen to the first official Post audiocast. This is my effort to improve our communication and strengthen our “Friends of Copey” relationship. Let me know how it works on your end and provide any other comments you feel inclined to offer.

School Is In Session!

English education continued as of Monday when two new classes of students showed up on-line to meet their new teachers. I saw high school students and kindergarten students both showing much enthusiasm to start this semester.

The first out of the gate was Suzanne Sanders. She is the newest member of the newly formed “Dream Team III” group of teachers who signed up for the 15 week semester. By observation, she is ready and prepared to provide the students with a very high quality educational experience. There will be a full profile on Suzanne next week as part of our introduction of our teachers.

   Sonya Boyko

The kindergarten students were greeted by Sonya. She is returning from the prior semester and eagerly wanting to continue her “Dream Team” membership. I am very excited about Sonya’s work as I watched her work with those young students. Be certain, teaching kindergarten students on-line may just be the ultimate challenge in distant learning.

Then, I visited with Jane on Tuesday as she began her new semester of teaching. She has Copey Learning Center’s 1st and 2nd graders. Jane is the only teacher who has served on all three “Dream Teams”. She is also the only “Dream Team” member who has actually traveled to Copey for the purpose of teaching at the Copey Learning Center. As a “Friend of Copey”, she left her home in North Carolina in 2017 to devote 3 months at the Copey Learning Center.

There is one more class of “pre-high schoolers” being taught by Emery Reid. Emery signed up for the second time as he was a member of “Dream Team I”. He was a student favorite and everyone is happy to see him return. Emery brings challenging opportunities to his Copey class because he is an active public school teacher interested in building student relationships.

This completes a very strong team of teachers supporting the efforts of the Copey Learning Center. The variety of talent, areas of expertise, and quality of experiences are all being brought to the Copey students via on-line education each week. Hopefully, we can all appreciate special relationships we enjoy.

All in all, when this semester ends, there will be an accumulation of eight semesters of “Dream Team” experience. Each teacher is greatly appreciated.

Heat Continues in the Northwest…!

Since June, my home town area has been under constant heat advisors while also experiencing numerous land fires all around us. The combination of both heat and smoke has been barely tolerable especially for the elderly and those with various respiratory illnesses.

This was Tuesday’s headline from our local newspaper. It has been as predicted. Hot and the smoke is very bad.

The other big headline not shown was the news regarding a major resurgence in the Covid-19 or Delta virus in our area. Add this to just the daily struggle of living demands with inflation, gas prices, and more, we all need to be on top of our game. Emotionally, physically, and certainly spiritually, we are experiencing very rough times. I am hopeful “Friends” outside of the Northwest are having better weather and health conditions. And, we believe…even this too shall pass!

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  1. It’s nice to hear your voice, Scrapper! It feels more friendly than just reading your words.

  2. Great Job on the Audiocast, my brother. Very informative and should lead to attracting other “Friends”. Congratulations!!

  3. Wow, I think you should consider a new career in radio and/or television, Scrapper. Great audiocast. I look forward to this wonderful addition each week. Thank you so much for keeping “Friends” informed. Stay cool, and remember fall and winter will arrive.

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