Praise Him…The Blessings Flow!

“The thankful heart opens our eyes to a multitude of blessings that continually surround us.”  By James E. Faust

“The Blessing”

English education provided to the Copey Learning Center students at all ages is truly a “Blessing”. It is very a rewarding experience to see a student’s progress and abilityto communicate effectively in English.

Tobias Monge (maybe 15 years old) wrote this short story below about his father. This was a final assignment to complete the end of the most recent semester. Without the Copey Learning Center, Tobias and other students would not have the opportunity or means to accomplish the task of composing and writing such stories in English.

Much of the credit for this level of progress certainly goes to the various volunteer teachers who have cycled in and out of the Copey Learning Center over time. The challenges have always been there and the Blessings have too.

      My Dad  

By Tobias Monge

“My dad’s childhood was a bit difficult because he had to quit school to be able to work with my grandfather and help around the house. But he is very grateful to him because thanks to his teaching him to work, he was able to support a family, that taught him that if you want something you have to work hard to get it, that nothing in life is free.”

Although he did not finish his studies, thanks to the fact that he is a farmer, it has not affected him so much, but he would have liked to finish them.

One of my dad’s brothers had a bar in San Jose while my dad was working in the USA for a few years. One day they robbed my uncle’s bar, even though he was willing to hand over everything they asked for, they still killed him. My dad immediately returned to the country to help my grandmother get over the shock.

When he came back, she was in bed very sick and my dad was the only one who managed to get my grandmother a little better because he and my uncle were the ones who pampered her the most and spent the most time with her.

Although it was very hard for the whole family, they had to overcome it and move on. To this day my two grandparents and one aunt have died, but my dad always knew how to cope with it.”

Go to to see additional stories written by Copey students during the last semester. We will continue to showcase some of the results from the previous semester.

Teachers Are Needed…!

Many of us involved with “Friends of Copey” would not be very good at English or having a reasonably good life today…if someone had not thought we were worthy of some of their time and talent to help us along.

My personal story involves a series of caring people scattered throughout my life who gave just a little of their time to help me. My education, sports, and just plain citizenship are the results of caring people interested enough to be involved.

Copey is one way I have been trying to give back…to honor those who cared, and to say “thank you”.  If you have someone to honor or appreciate, helping a Copey student is a great way to say “thanks”.

Tobias and other Copey students do not ask much. The Dream Teams I and II volunteers all agree these students are well worth their time and energy. Do you know a teacher, a recent graduate, a substitute teacher, or even two teachers willing to work as a team who can help? No Spanish language skills required since we are teaching English.

Join the Dream Team III group getting ready to go! Contact me at

Final Word…!

In a prior Post, you may recall I hinted some major developments were underway. I am pleased to inform you that this is not an empty projection. There are developments you will be pleased and excited about. A little more time is needed before an official announcement can be made. Stay tuned!


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