Another Gratitude to Express!!!

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.”  By Zig Ziglar

Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund (AGBSF) 

Goal:  $1,300.00       Actual  $2,000.00    Deadline:  ACHIEVED

This past week has been extraordinary as many “Friends” sent in donations and others informed me “the check is in the mail”. The final total of donations is still pending. However, we are certain today’s actual amount of donations in hand is reflected above.

The Copey Learning Center has delayed the opening of their educational services until March 14 to allow more time for enrollments and for teacher recruitment to be completed.

Executive Director Salary Support (EDSS)

Goal:  $1,700.00      Actual  $1,875.00      Deadline:  ACHIEVED

Similar to AGBSF donations, EDSS also experienced a significant amount of donations. Today’s actual donations also reflect what is in hand and promised “in the mail”.

Both goals have been achieved by the deadline. The Copey Learning Center and I are very appreciative for the generosity demonstrated by our donors this year.

I am also sending a big thank you to those who supported this effort by praying for and believing in our success. This type of support and sustainability depends on prayer, positive energy, and financial donors. This is proven year after year.

Special Message…!

If you planned to donate and as of this Post, have not donated, please do not make a donation now. Instead, I ask you to save the donation until a later time when the need for financial support is again requested. We, affiliated with the “Pathway Project”, are still hoping for the opportunity to invite at least two Copey students to the United States in late May. Covid issues pertaining to travel together with timely visa approvals for the Copey students are obstacles we are confronting. If the “Pathway Project” is a go, we (Friends) will have only a short time to respond with financial support.

Final Word…!

When the final donation totals are all tallied, I believe the results will continue to confirm our success as a valuable partner with the Copey Learning Center. Of course, many donors are long time donors. Those of you with a long history of support are long distant runners familiar with commitment and devotion.

Then, each year there are new and first time donors. I welcome the new donors and hope each is prepared for the long distant journey. Thanks to all.


2 thoughts on “Another Gratitude to Express!!!”

  1. Such a great story! So many generous souls. Good work, Mr. Broady, in promoting this and connecting so many people to the good cause of education in Copey. Congratulations.

  2. Great news on the successful campaign! I wish the Copey Learning Center equal on their recruitment of teachers for spring session.

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