Most Precious…Liberty

“Our country may be likened to a new house. We lack many things, but we possess the most precious of all – liberty!”    By James Monroe

Achievement of Goals!

I am still glowing with excitement over the achievements noted last week. Setting goals is certainly one thing. Achieving goals is a whole different matter…especially different when the success depends totally on the positive reception and support of “Friends” from several different states and including Canada.

The final total of donated funds will be provided in next week’s Post. Direct and indirect donations to the Copey Learning Center takes a little more time to make certain the total donations and contributors are all accounted for.

Again….Thank You!

Classes Start Up!

Some Copey classes have started and there are still a couple classes still pending some final arrangements with teachers. I will keep you updated on this. Obtaining teachers is a significant challenge for both the on-line and on-site needs. Fewer teachers are available since Covid-19 school closures have been eliminated. At the same time, some travel related Covid-19 issues still impact potential teacher interest in traveling to Costa Rica. Hopefully, soon this will all get better.

2022…What is Coming Soon?

Do you enjoy dreaming? Thinking about what could be…if only? I do and I often think we are capable of moving the bar even higher than it is today. We have come far with this project over the years. Do you have ideas that we should consider? I looked back at older Posts and was reminded we once had active elementary pen pal programs. Students in the past exchanged letters and visited on line with Skype.

Recent discussions with Copey included possibilities of selling Copey Learning Center shirts to help generate some additional revenue. Over the next few weeks we will develop our full list of ideas and select a few to go after.

I have several other Blog changes waiting to be implemented also. We could all be busier “Friends” in 2022.


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  1. I love the pen pal idea, did you use “snail mail?” And also t-shirts especially if they capture the colors of Costa Rica!

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