Remembering Katherine…!

“What is all the fuss about? I was only doing my job!”. By Katherine G. Johnson

Katherine Johnson Remembered…!

We are now commemorating the 2nd anniversary of Katherine Johnson’s departure. It hardly seems that two years have passed since February 24, 2020. Her life was very meaningful to so many. 

The country continues to find ways to honor her work and life with buildings, numerous school facilities, conference rooms, and streets now bearing her name. The influence and impact she had on young lives while still living has continued with growing interest and appreciation.

Hardly a week passes without someone asking or reminding me of Aunt Katherine. Sometimes I will receive news clippings or articles from people who want me to know about some new honor being bestowed.  Sometimes, I am informed by someone local that they once resided in the Hampton, Virginia area and was well familiar with the Katherine Johnson story.

One of my favorite quotes belonging to Aunt Katherine that says so much about her devotion to her job and her purpose is “What is all the fuss about? I was only doing my job!”.

This simple quote reflected Aunt Katherine’s humility and confidence, self reliance and grit, and her backbone and nerve. These qualities were held up by her remarkable intellect.

Many of you have read or seen “Hidden Figures”. You will enjoy “My Remarkable Journey” if you have not already.

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2 thoughts on “Remembering Katherine…!”

  1. Hi Scrapper, and I want to add to the many ways your Aunt Katherine is being honored and remembered. I sent you a postcard from the Cleveland Museum of Art this past week, and the reason is because there was a special exhibit entitled “Picturing Motherhood Now.” The artist, Carmen Winant, created an amazing collage for this exhibit using her decade old collection of New York Times obituaries of feminists. As I perused the articles, I came upon a beautiful photograph of your Aunt Katherine, and the Tuesday, February 25, 2020 obituary entitled, “Katherine Johnson, A NASA Star Undiscovered for Decades, Is Dead at 101. YES, it is wonderful that Katherine Johnson continues to inspire and motivate young and old alike. I am especially happy to see Katherine Johnson in a beautiful piece of artwork. You must be proud! Let me know when you get the postcard! Lisa B. I encourage all friends to contribute to the Copey Learning Center. With our support, we are making it possible for there to be more shining stars like Scrapper’s Aunt Katherine.

  2. I read and really enjoyed “My Remarkable Journey” by Katherine Johnson (Scrapper’s aunt). She really was remarkable – and the book reads really well, since she lives in an amazing time and did so much. She was humble as well. I highly recommend the book. I had already read “Hidden Figures,” and seen the great movie based on that book.

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