Independence Day

I thank each of you for sharing in the observation of the tragedy of September 11, 2001 and I hope you enjoyed the very special 9/11 poem written by Anne Lawrence. Also, I thank you for your comments regarding Mom’s birthday tribute observed on September 11.

Our thoughts and interests are never far from the reasons we are “Friends of Copey”.  Our desire to be helpful and supportive grows and each week someone new wants to be included as a “friend”.  Meeting new and interested “friends” is one of the wonderful joys I have as a Blogger.

Now, let us move from a spirit of remembrance to a time of celebration. Do you know that Costa Rica has an Independence Day?  Costa Rican FireworksOn September 15 each year, Costa Rica commemorates the independence of all Central America from Spanish rule which took place in 1821. Annually, September 15 is declared in Costa Rica an official national holiday, Independence Day.

By comparison, the September 15 celebration is similar to our 4th of July except Costa Rica seems to place much greater emphasis on community participation and higher levels of children participation in various forms of festive activities, especially in parades wearing colorful dress and regalia. The young children are much more than observers. They are included with the adults in celebrating this very significant day.Sample of Costa Rican Children 2

The Independence Day celebrations began on Sunday night with fireworks throughout the country and Monday was filled with parades, picnics, dances, storytelling, workshops and music.  Pablos Jesus.1

The Learning Center students actively participated in all of the events.

It was reported that our Anne G. Broady Scholarship student, Pablo Jesus, wrote and sang a song about the beautiful town of Copey. Pablo is sponsored by Jerry Merritt. Great Job Pablo!!!

The Learning Center was closed all week because of the holiday and for administrative reasons. The students and staff returns on Monday and we are looking forward to more great news to share about the students and some great things “Friends of Copey” are doing in support of the Learning Center. THIS is really big but I must wait a little longer before I can freely share the information. Keep reading and stay connected.

Remember…the Regional Spelling Bee is around the corner in October. And it will not be too long before the school year comes to a close. I am still hoping we have one or more ballet supporters who will contact me.  We are wanting to do something very special for our students.


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