Friendship Comes in a Box

My most recent Post announced there was some really big news to share. Well, it is now time to share some great news and I sincerely hope you will be as impressed as I am.

The Pen Pal Program headed up by Lisa Baldwin is so special. We are big believers in this program and cannot begin to put a price on how valuable Lisa and her class are to our overall support for the Learning Center. Lisa’s efforts with the Pen Pal Program is not without significant challenges. As a classroom teacher she is confronted each day with the responsibility of meeting all of the educational demands and requirements classroom teachers must deal with. The pressures are great.   Lisa.rev.1

Taking on additional work not officially part of the curriculum when time is a premium speaks volumes about the kind of teacher Lisa is. She believes there is value in her students building relationships with the students at the Learning Center.

test Pen pal

She also believes her students will learn about the world as they become familiar with students who live in another culture and speak, read, and write differently. She believes it is important to encourage her students to learn about their world around them and be actively involved. Her students are also learning to use their writing skills to communicate with others. The letter posted here is one of about 40 letters sent. It does not take much to imagine how the students at the Learning Center  react to receiving so many letters from peers living in the USA.

But there is more…much more to report!

Lisa and her unselfish High Point Elementary 5th graders went even further this time as they completed this Pen Pal letter cycle. The students were so excited about being Pen Pals they decided to ship a box of school supplies to the Learning Center along with the letters. These young students I understand do not come from rich neighborhoods and many have their own social and economic challenges to face. Regardless, they used their own funds to gather the supplies and packed their items in the box for delivery. Paper, pencils, erasers, markers, and notebooks, even the book “Charlotte’s Web” are among the many items in the box. I call this their box filled with Friendship!

Pen Pal Donation

“This has been so much fun! My students couldn’t be more excited, and I and my team teachers are thrilled. Let’s hope that my school day allows for more time to do such wonderful and creative activities such as pen pal letters. Thank you for the opportunity.”  

Lisa Baldwin

As “Friends of Copey” we all have the opportunity to do something just as Lisa is doing. This is one of the key reasons we became “Friends of Copey”. We want to open the door for “friends” to become knowledgeable about the project. Then when, where, and how, you can decide if you have a talent, time, or other resources that would be useful and supportive of the community and students at the Learning Center. Ultimately, we want to help the young people of Copey become all they can be.

There is room for more Pen Pals. Possibly, you have a Sunday school class or public education class that would like to get involved as pen pals. Maybe you can sponsor a school supply drive or just send notes of encouragement and support to the volunteers and students.

If you have thoughts and ideas, please contact me and let us discuss ways to get more involved. Send me an email at:













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  1. As I mentioned in my letter, we are so appreciative to have our friends in Copey. I failed to include the photo we took before we mailed the package, so that will come later. Thanks for all your work with this, Scrapper. You are the best!

    Your Friend,
    Lisa B.

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