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Each week, someone new is hearing for the first time my story about the Learning Center and the “Friends of Copey”. I confess it is a real challenge to share this story quickly and concisely. There is just simply a lot to tell.

More than 40 Posts have been issued since the first one I wrote in December 2013. Almost each week new information is gathered and shared with more than a hundred followers known to be “Friends of Copey”. Interesting photos are included to help each one experience a glimpse of what I experience.

Learning Center workers

I know at times I get sidetracked with some personal stories about my family. I trust this is not a major problem. I often get very positive feedback on my more personal Posts and am encouraged to continue sharing. Most certainly, I really enjoy hearing the news from the Learning Center. I feel both privileged and blessed to have family, friends, and even strangers to share this information with.  Without each of you, there would be little need to have this Blog and share information about the wonderful kids attending the Learning Center.

If you feel inclined to share this project with a friend or family member, how do you go about introducing the “Friends of Copey”?  How do you let someone know how best to learn about our purpose and reasons for supporting this small rural town in Costa Rica?  This all has become a rapidly growing challenge for me because I practically live with this each day of the week and very few people I meet escape hearing my story. It is difficult to stick with the reader’s digest version. I suspect you do not wake up each morning with “Friends of Copey” being one of the very first things you think of at sunrise or even before at times. I am certain when asked what are you doing now that you are retired with so much time on your hands, you do not say I am very involved with a project in Costa Rica. I am not really sure how it happened but I do wake up excited about Copey and I am quick to say that much of my time is spent on a project in Costa Rica.

However, should you ever be inclined to share your involvement with “Friends of Copey”, here are some helpful hints that I hope will make it a little easier.

1. The Blog website is very easy to remember and share.  That pretty much says it…you are one of many “friends of this very small community called Copey” and everyone knows www. and .com!  So simple it can be written on a napkin, a piece of paper, or just spoken…

2. I recently had about 250 business cards made for under $10. This was simple to do and has proven very valuable for helping me share the project with others. When there is little or no time to talk, I just hand out my card with my request to visit the website when time allows. Many of us already have business cards and only need to write the easy website address on the back to encourage someone to check it out. I am convinced the business card approach is so helpful and easy to share with others.

business card.1In fact, I am so convinced business cards are helpful that I will have business cards made for the first five “Friends of Copey” who get in touch with me. You decide what you want on the card that is personal and I will have the cards made and delivered to you. This is a serious offer so do not hesitate to contact me at

Also, I have found it beneficial to guide potential followers to a few specific Posts to learn about this project. I believe my second Post dated December 18, 2013 titled “Amazing…My Second Post”, the tabs “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”, and “About the Author” all provide the easiest and quickest look at the reasons I started a “Friends of Copey” Blog. All the rest of the Posts simply fulfill the purpose of the Blog which is to engage followers and keep “friends” informed of the work being done at the Learning Center. Other favorite and frequently visited areas of the Blog include the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund and Mission Statement.

I hope you will plan to stay involved and connected. This journey started with a very simple objective and to this point, the objective has continued to be the primary purpose. I thank you for helping keep the purpose alive and successful and I encourage you to share this experience with a family member or friend…even a stranger. I Do!!!

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  1. Great information here, and I know everyone appreciates all that you do. Your words are always inspirational and remind me that we can do so much for others. In giving, we always get back more in return. Thank you, Friend.

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