9/11 Follow Up Message

Written by Anne Lawrence author of “Following My Tug…”

I remember that day like it was yesterday.
It was early morning, about 8.
People gathered around the TV at work,
As we watched the horror: accident or act of hate?

Confused by the images,
We stood around, stunned and numb.
Some of us on the verge of tears,
Deadlines became meaningless: no work got done.

I remember one of my colleagues
Was on the phone to one of her friends in the south tower,
In the staircase walking down, trying to get out!
How helpless we felt, holding our breath for news, praying to a higher power.

Then, all of sudden, before our eyes
Straight through the second tower, another plane crash!
What the hell was going on, our world had changed…
with the screams echoing against that eerie apocalyptic silence… all in a slow-motion flash.

But that wasn’t enough for the orchestrators of this surreal day.
Oh no, a third building bombed and a highjacked plane.
Even the Pentagon was being attacked.
We felt the hush of sheer terror – it was all completely insane!

The airports were promptly shut down,
People were grounded, couldn’t get back home
War of the Worlds, but this was no prank
No comfort to be found in the crowds – their eyes told us they felt alone.

We simply couldn’t comprehend the true devastation
And impact this tragedy would have on our humanity.
So many lives lost, so many humble heroes,
Pointing fingers blaming, so many questions – yes there are still plenty.

That morning, I packed up my stuff and left work early
To pick up my children at school, as so many parents did.
Nothing seemed to matter more in that very moment,
Than to hold, hug, and never let go of my kids.

I’ve learned that hate is not an effective weapon against hate.
In this world, there are some who build, create and inspire,
Knowing that only love and acceptance can overcome and conquer.
And these people are far stronger than those who destroy, manipulate and conspire.

Today I remember the good, the bad and the very ugly,
The pain, fear, and profound despair.
Today, the politicians continue to play games, to what end, it’s unclear
But we, the people, are healing despite them… because we dare.

On this day, I remember, but won’t linger too long.
There’s a world of hope I cling onto, a world I want to create.
I can’t do it alone, that’s obvious,
So I invite you all to join me… the world needs you… it’s not too late.

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