Remembering 9/11

While preparing this Post I am full of reminders about the significance of this week and the date, September 11. It happens to be the date that is as memorable as the afternoon I learned that President Kennedy had been shot.

These experiences have a way of planting you in a place and time that is never forgotten. I had sneaked off school grounds between classes and crossed the street to a small diner to buy a soda and a snack. This was against school rules but I thought I could sneak away for a couple minutes. I was a typical 10th Grader.

John Kennedy

The diner‘s TV had just broke away from its regular program to announce the shooting in Dallas and the status of President Kennedy’s condition. I was stunned by the news but could not stay to listen to the report.

I rushed back to get to class on time. I could not tell the news without confessing that I broke a school rule. It would be 15 or 20 minutes later when my classmates heard the official announcement of the assassination from school officials. I will never forget my trip to the diner that afternoon in November.

On the morning of September 11, the day of the terrorist attacks on our country, I was getting dressed for work. My television was on when I returned to my bedroom from my morning shower. At first I thought I was watching a preview for some upcoming movie while watching smoke billowing from a New York City skyscraper.

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Perhaps a full minute went by before reality set in. For the next 30 minutes I sat on the end of the bed, still in my robe, and was experiencing another event that would put me in a place and time not to be forgotten.

I intended to call my Mom to wish her a Happy Birthday before going to work…but forgot. She called me later to ask if I had seen the news and we did not speak about it being her birthday.

After that day, 9/11 and the two events, the attack and Mom’s birthday, merged into one day of great significance.

Granny and boysMom and I often would give each other a private glance during the many times she was asked the date of her birth while at a doctor’s office, the hospital, or some agency. When she responded 9/11/25, the one inquiring would often make a comment about the 9/11 attack. Mom would sneak a wink at me.

For me, whenever I hear about the attack on 9/11, my thoughts turn to Mom.






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