Celebrate “Friends of Copey”

 “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”  By Napoleon Hill

Last week, I spoke about the wonderful educational classes being conducted at the Copey Learning Center. Here are some recent photos sent to me by Emma Terry who is now in her second semester as a volunteer teacher.  

Speaking of Emma, be reminded that she is a Washingtonian. I am so proud of that. Our connection is with her grandparents who live twenty minutes from me in southeast Washington state. Emma’s grandfather, Dr. John Yegge, introduced me to Emma perhaps five years ago. Emma was a student at the University of Arizona when we first met. Back then, she clearly expressed strong interests in going to Copey one day to be a volunteer teacher.

The day did come about when Emma contacted me last year and reported she was ready to go to Copey. She began in the third quarter of 2022. She was so impressed with her first semester experience ending in November 2022 that she offered to return for the first semester of 2023. 

She clearly works well with young students and equally as well with the older students. Emma’s diversity of skills and educational experience allows her to successfully work with different age groups. 

A recent email from Emma said this:

“I am so glad that the fundraising went so well and that ‘Friends’ continue to be invested in this work. It is
truly important and valuable work and makes such a difference in the lives of the kiddos here, as well as the Copey Community as a whole. I just love this place! Who knows, maybe it’ll become my permanent home one day? How special and beautiful would that be! So thankful for my time and experience here. I will forever cherish it!”  Emma Terry

The Pathway Project…!

Final plans are underway for hosting two or possibly three guests from Copey. The chaperone, Catalina Cortez will make her third trip to the Emory & Henry College’s (E&H College) campus with one student coming or possibly a second student if approved to travel. The final travel decision and costs will be known later this week. 

Our fundraising efforts will then officially begin May 8th. We are expecting higher costs compared to prior years. Every effort is being made to keep costs down while not compromising the quality and importance of our visitors’ visit to the USA. 

Additionally, the college is reporting there will be two E&H College students traveling to Copey to perform volunteer teaching services. Their journey will begin soon as they typically spend five weeks in Copey and return back to the states approximately the same time our visitors travel.

Grandson…Mykel Broady  

I reported a couple weeks ago that Mykel was named Nevada’s School of Business “Top Scholar” as he is scheduled to graduate this May with his major in Marketing and Management and a minor in Business Analytics.

We are proud of him. Again, I point out that this Blog’s many current enhancements installed over the past couple years are because of Mykel’s efforts and expertise. The Broady Team!

It is Confirmed..!

I have been invited to this year’s E&H College Commencement to receive a special recognition on May 6th. This honor is related to the work “Friends of Copey” has done in support of the Copey Learning Center. As today’s quote points out…“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

Of course, this was totally unexpected but most appreciated. The “Friends of Copey” is an assembly of many people, parts, and pieces all held together by the belief that together we can do amazing things. This is our tenth year being “Friends” only motivated to help students such as those being shown.  We look forward to Emory & Henry College’s recognition. 

All this recognition puts a brighter light on our annual reception for our Copey visitors scheduled for June 16th in Abingdon, Virginia.

This recognition can only add more excitement, joy, and fellowship to another amazing evening spent with “Friends” in southwest, Virginia. If you an longtime “Friend”, new or past “Friend” and even a want to become a “Friend”, You will be welcomed to share the 10th Anniversary Reception. Join us if you are anywhere near Abingdon. Let me know so I can plan for your attendance. We would really love to share the time with you.

Thank you “Friends of Copey” 

5 thoughts on “Celebrate “Friends of Copey””

  1. As always, You and the Copey Learning Center are creating a wonderful future for many of the next generation. Expanding Horizons through study and travel allows anyone to see through other’s eyes. That rounded out perspective sets the stage for connections throughout the world. We all are one. We count our blessings and thank you Scrapper. You are a walking treasure.

    Larry & Cindy

  2. Congratulations to you, Mr. Arthur Broady, on your special citation from Emory & Henry College!!!!!

  3. Congrats, Arthur!

    P.S. I didn’t know that Emma was John Y.’s granddaugter!

  4. I am planning to come to “Friends of Copey” gathering on June 1`6th. Looking forward to seeing you and meeting others who I have heard so much about.

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