Thank You Friends…!

“It’s no use saying, “We are doing our best.” You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.”  By Winston S. Churchill

How could I describe last weekend attending the Emory & Henry College’s Commencement Service? Take note this was my third commencement ceremony I attended after over 50 years. The first one was my own graduation in May of 1970. Next, my first son’s graduation from the same college in 2001. And, last Saturday I was there to receive the college’s The DeFriece Award given toan alumnus or a faculty member who has made an outstanding, worthwhile contribution to civilization or humanity.” 

Each one of these three commencements have their own special place in my heart. 

I was also very happy to have several of my closest friends affiliated with the college and completely dedicated to “Friends of Copey” help to make my short time on campus a very special time. 

Sharing photo with George Whitley, Board Trustee, and dedicated “Friend of Copey

Even while I was being handed the award, two E&H College students were in their final stages of departure for Copey. The two students, Dashawn Forbes and Justin Day, are spending about 5 weeks volunteering at the Copey Learning Center under the Pathway Project. Enjoy Paradise young men!

Now…there is more!

During the first week of June, two Copey students will travel to Washington, D.C. on their way to the E&H College campus accompanied by their chaperone. This will be the sixth time students from Copey will journey to the US.

Before they return home to Copey, “Friends of Copey” in southwest Virginia will host its annual reception. I plan to return to Virginia for this reception and to help celebrate our 10th year anniversary and include celebrating the award received last week. Everyone is invited, especially “Friends” living within driving distance from Abingdon, Virginia. We are still counting to see how many dollars will be needed to conduct this upcoming Pathway Project. I will delay the startup of the fundraising campaign until late next week still leaving us four or five weeks to generate the needed funds. If you plan to financially support the 2023 Pathway Project, please hold on until proper guidance is provided. 

Final Word…!

I predicted earlier this year that “Friends” and the Copey Learning Center would produce some amazing results during its ten year anniversary. So far we have received an award and sent students to Copey. Very soon we are bringing students to the USA and planning a huge annual reception. There is much more waiting in the wings for us to rejoice about in time. There has never been a better time to be involved, be proud, and be supportive of “Friends of Copey.” If you have not been too engaged lately, please do not worry. Your seat at the table is still there with your name on it. And, if you are new and just getting started, there is plenty of room for you as well. 

Even though I was honored and personally recognized last week, my acceptance included every “Friend” who has prayed and paid to help us reach this level of recognition.

“It’s amazing how much you can get done if you don’t worry about who gets the credit.”
― Dallin H. Oaks

Happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. Arthur deserves many awards for his contributions to civilization! Congratulations – although this embarrasses him terribly!

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