Counting Blessings Together!

“Concentrate on counting your blessings and you’ll have little time to count anything else.”     By Woodrow Kroll

News Flash…!

Last week I announced there is another superstar being considered for a volunteer teaching position at the Copey Learning Center.

Emma Terry has confirmed she is going to Copey at the end of September. As it has been said before…this is a very unprecedented year for “Friends”. Emma will be the third “Friend of Copey” volunteer teacher from my state and the second consecutive “Friend” to go teach in Copey.

My excitement is sky high. There is no way I could have foreseen the number of “Friends” traveling to Copey this year. I could never have anticipated having two very talented volunteer teachers from my state joining the ranks of volunteers at the Copey Learning Center.

Perhaps, many of you late arrivals to “Friends” are not aware that the very first “Friend” volunteer at the Copey Learning Center was from my home town, Kennewick, Washington.

Hailey Tibbett, an amazing “Friend” and a young graduate ofWashington State University at the time, was among the very first to join the project. She journeyed to Copey to teach at the Copey Learning Center during the Fall of 2013.

She was there before the official start up of “Friends of Copey” in December 2013. Almost ten years later, Genna MacFarlan becomes the second local volunteer from my home town.

You can read Hailey’s full story under “Key Friends”. She is still remembered and honored for being a “trail blazer”.

Next Semester

Soon, the doors will swing wide open to begin the next semester at the Copey Learning Center. I am told there will be a student increase in the on-site educational service. Since Covid-19, the educational efforts have been both only on-line or a combination of both on site and on-line. As this materializes for the Fall, I will keep you informed.

A Future Post…!

Genna has accepted my offer to co-author an upcoming Post. She will share some of her memorable experiences during her time in Copey. This promises to be very informative as we will see Copey thru the eyes of an exciting and adventurous new graduate living among the students and the community of Copey.

Keep Believing in the Unexpected…!

I am often reminded how so much happens with this project that is unexpected. Sure, we plan for things but there are often surprises. I believe the surprises serve to confirm that our involvement is with a divine purpose. If we do what we should, good things unexpected will bless our efforts. Let us keep counting our blessings. Thanks “Friends”.

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