Education is Soul Food….!

“What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul…by Joseph Addison

Students are Back…! 

This past week more than 25 students began their final semester for this year by attending the Copey Learning Center in-house.

This is excellent news as it marks hopefully the end of the long running practice of conducting education on-line because of the pandemic.

One of the new volunteers this semester is Emma Terry. She begins today tag teaming with the current Copey Learning Center volunteer teacher already on board. 

For Emma, this opportunity has been in the making for four or five years. Today, Emma’s dream becomes real.

Emma, you are a true blessing and we will keep everyone informed of your activities and accomplishments.

Genna…Guest Post Writer..!

Genna returned from Copey last month and has captured in writing some of her experiences gained during her time in Copey and the country. Soon, you will have the full text of her fascinating report.

Genna is now a member of a long line of volunteers and visitors who have enjoyed the experience of being in the Copey community and among some extraordinary people.

Genna and others all departed Copey a little different than they arrived. We cannot describe fully how it happens, but Copey is a place together with the people who can affect you in so many positive ways. Genna does very well sharing what it was like to be in Copey and then having to leave the people and the place behind.

I am including a very small piece of her report. See the next Post for the full text. Genna says:

I was able to teach 4 classes during the summer and they were so unique and fun in it’s own way. My kindergartners were an absolute joy; filled with sometimes overwhelming, but absolutely contagious energy.”

and she continues with…

“The moment I got back home I sat down with a friend and said “here’s my goal…I want to keep the peace”. I felt such peace and contentment down there.”

Those of us who spent any time in Copey can relate to Genna’s sense of peace and contentment.

Times Have Changed!

This is the first semester since 2020 that does not include Dream Team teachers. The Copey Learning Center is making the transition back to full in-house classes.

The Dream Team members have done a remarkable job keeping the Copey Learning Center alive and education active. These teachers have been the life-blood of the center and we extend to them all our deepest gratitude for stepping up and jumping in to make a difference by sharing their time and talent.

The Dream Team volunteers worked from six states and from Canada and England supporting the Copey Learning Center for the past two years.

This was a tremendous undertaking and the challenges to make it all work and work well, required dedication and commitment. The pandemic hitting both the USA and Costa Rica, especially in the area of rural education, was devastating. However, it did not stop the will and the determination of the small Copey community and “Friends of Copey”.



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