Something Is Being Done..!

“If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.”  By Thomas Jefferson

Welcome Home Genna…!

Genna has returned to the United States and is currently in California. We welcome her back from her successful journey to Copey.

We all extend to Genna our heartfelt appreciation, love, and admiration for sharing her time and her talent with the students in Copey. 

Genna was treated with a cake as her students said “Goodbye”.

I plan to invite Genna to share some of her thoughts about her Copey experiences in a future Post. She has stories and stories to share.

The Center is Closed…!

The Center completed its semester and is now enjoying a short break before starting up again in a couple weeks. Maybe you are wondering if we have another superstar “Friend of Copey” seriously considering spending time teaching in Copey during the next semester.The answer is yes…there is a superstar currently in discussion with the Copey Learning Center…Emma Terry.

Emma has been a “Friend” for several years. She is another Washingtonian who received her BA Degree from the University of Arizona and then received her Masters in International Education while in Spain. She currently resides in Barcelona, Spain.

Back when she was attending the University of Arizona, Emma shared her interest in being involved with the Copey Learning Center. We hope things work out. She is an excellent candidate to follow Genna and I could not be more proud. I am personally acquainted with both families and believe me, having these wonderful and promising teachers spend time in Copey as volunteers is a joy I cannot describe.

Emory & Henry College…!

I recently had a Zoom meeting with Dr. Davis and Dr. Koch who recently traveled to Costa Rica. They spent several days in Copey.   

As expected, both found the journey to Copey very amazing. Time was spent with students, past students, and community members. They explored the coffee industry along with the agriculture community in preparation for their trip in December with about ten E&H College students.

Numerous logistical challenges need to be worked out but I am certain between “Friends”, the Copey community, and the college, the December trip will be an extraordinary event.

Over the past six years several E&H College students have been to Copey to volunteer at the Center. Never has there been ten students and two professors all on one trip.

Jane Rutledge…The Dream Teamer!

When “Friends” pass out thank you’s and sing praises, we should never ever forget Jane who has consistently been the on-line educator for the Copey Learning Center.

The past “Dream Team” on-line volunteer teachers have all been absolutely outstanding. However, Jane has not missed one semester since the “Dream Team” was formed in 2020.

Jane, thank you again for the devotion and commitment you show and the love you have for the students in Copey. The journey is not always a smooth ride. But, your dedication takes you beyond the rough spots and in the end…we all benefit.

You are special and I am proud to tell all “Friends of Copey”, you are the “real deal” and the stuff great teachers are made of.

Remembering Mom…!

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