Traveling Helps Build Dreams

“It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.”  Asian Proverb 

A Ticket to Paradise…!

Over the past several months, “Friends of Copey” have visited the Copey community and the Learning Center. Each of these visits have been extraordinary and important.

The first two “Friends” visiting Copey are local Washington state residents whom I have known for several years. Cyndy and Cynthia are not personally acquainted with each other but both are “Friends” and very familiar with Copey. Both have been strong supporters for years.

Cyndy traveled to Costa Rica in May to visit her sister who lives near San Jose. Cyndy and her sister took time to travel to Copey for a visit with the community and the Copey Learning Center. See Post ‎

Then in July, Cynthia traveled to Costa Rica to join up with her daughter Genna for a short mother and daughter adventure in Costa Rica. Cynthia also visited Copey and the Copey Learning. See Post

Last week, Dr. Ed Davis and his colleague Shelley Koch (Emory & Henry College) traveled to Costa Rica. Their purpose for this journey was to make plans for about a dozen E&H College students scheduled to travel to Costa Rica in December. 

Their travel in the country included two days in Copey. More to share with you later on the results of their visit and future plans involving E&H College students and the Copey community.

There has never been this level of visitations and developing interest among “Friends” since we began this project in 2013.

There is time and room for more “Friends” to travel to Copey.

Genna is a Real Star…!

We have been very fortunate with Genna being in Copey working as a volunteer. I consistently receive reports regarding her work. Her presence in the Copey community is extremely positive.

I often speak of the magic of the Copey community. Everyone who travels to Copey returns home with joyful memories. But, those who travel to Copey leave behind joyful memories as well. Magic works both ways.

Genna is making her mark on the community with both the young and the older members.

She is so very personable, engaging, and energetic. She speaks Spanish and is a perfect match for the community.

Genna is only at the beginning of her plans to obtain an advanced degree. She has already accumulated a treasure chest of great, wonderful, and useful experiences.

However, Genna’s time as a volunteer in Copey is nearing an end. When she leaves Copey, she will bring home memories. And, she will leave behind memories for those she has come to know. There will be much to talk about when she returns. Thank you Genna…we all think you are a “real star” performer.

Kiwanis Presentation

I am the scheduled guest speaker at my Kiwanis Club this Friday to update our membership on the state of affairs with the “Friends of Copey” and the Copey Learning Center. My Kiwanis Club is a devoted partner and several individual members consistently provide financial and non-financial support.

Genna’s mother Cynthia is invited to join me in the Kiwanis presentation. She is invited to share some of her personal experiences while traveling in Costa Rica and spending time in Copey.

This will be a unique and fun presentation. I am honored and proud to share the time with Cynthia and hear her version of the very special time spent with her daughter Genna.

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