Please Call Me…Your Friend!

“True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island… to find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him/her is a blessing.”     By Baltasar Gracian

Thank You…!

Sending a huge thank you to Larry and Cindy Windes for being both hosts and emergency responders during Cyndy Sharer’s visit to Copey last week. The report I have indicates Larry and Cindy along with a host of Copey students all gathered to welcome Cyndy and her sister Tami. Also, both Anyela and Lorena (Copey Board Chairwoman) joined in and put out the red carpet.

The following morning as Cyndy and Tami were departing Copey, they had car trouble. Larry came to the rescue. There’s not any better people in the world as dependable, reliable, and enjoyable as those gathered to welcome their visitors.

Left front to back: Margarita, Anyela, Lorena, and Cyndy. Right front to back: Larry and Cindy Windes, Mariana, and Tami.  Hopefully, I have all the names correct.

I am planning to have coffee with Cyndy soon to gather more details about her visit. Thank you Cyndy for making the effort to travel all the way to Copey.

Genna MacFarlan…Congratulations!

Soon, the Copey Learning Center will receive another visitor/volunteer. Genna is wrapping up her education requirements as a Senior at the University of California at Berkely before coming home. Shortly thereafter, she will depart for Costa Rica. Looks like Copey will roll out the red carpet once again.

The Pathway Project Still Pending…!

We still have a couple weeks to wait before we can finalize our decisions on the Pathway Project. The selected Copey students need must obtain government approval to travel. Their appointment with the government is not scheduled until early June.

Be on Alert!

If the project gets the okay, we will have to move very quickly to raise the funds to support this effort. It is unwise at this time to request and commit funds for ticket purchases without approvals. Please stay close by and if you have inclinations to financially support the Pathway Project, we will need to move very quickly.




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  1. I appreciate your updates! I love to hear about progress. I hope to be part of the “Dream Team” soon!

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