Memorial Day…Remembrance!

“Home of the free, because of the brave.” – Unknown

It has been my custom for many years now to recognize “Memorial Day” and to call attention to my four friends who died while serving our country during the Viet Nam Conflict. My custom continues as I honor and salute those young men who lost their lives while members of the United States Military.Vietnam Veterans Memorial Oct 15 2007

You can easily access past Memorial Day Posts. As mentioned many times before, these friends completed high school and joined the military. I entered college and I spent my time attending college classes and they spent their time fighting a war.

These four young men, Michael Charles, Daniel Watkins, Frank Campbell, Jr., and Kenny Delaney are worthy of honor and remembrance. There are many others who also deserve remembering including other classmates, relatives, friends, and neighbors. Being a Viet Nam Era Veteran and a proud citizen of this country, it is my honor and duty to say “Thank you for your service!” You are not forgotten.

The Pathway Project…!

We are striving to conduct our 5th Pathway Project. The decision on the approvals for our Copey students to travel to the United States is getting very close. Their appointment with their government is June 1st. We are not certain when the final decision will be announced. Two students and a chaperone are on standby.

Past and potentially new financial supporters of the Pathway Project are asked to be ready. If travel is approved, then urgent efforts will be necessary to quickly gather the funds needed to help cover the travel expenses.

Goodbye to “Friends”

Over the past week, two very close “Friends’ passed away. Both resided in Virginia. Mary Caroline Ratliff was a childhood friend and I shared time with Caroline and her family last September during our 55th high school class reunion.

Paul Hubble was a college friend. (Photo not available) We shared a friendship for more than 50 years. Paul and I attend Emory & Henry College together and it was an honor to serve with Paul on the Emory & Henry College Board of Trustees for several years.

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” by Thomas Aquinas                                     

Somehow you just know when you are in the presence of a true “friend”. Your heart seems to open up and joy flows both in and out so effortlessly. They both will be missed.

Thank You Jane and Sonya…!

Our two strong-hearted and dedicated “Dream Team” members are completing the current term of on-line educational services for the Copey Learning Center. I have been neglectful this term by not paying as much attention as I should have.

Jane hails from North Carolina and Sonya resides in Toronto, Canada. These two volunteers continue to do an amazing job working on-line with Copey students. Both are very experienced with the Copey Learning Center’s on-line teaching. I represent all of “Friends” with “Thank You” for your unselfish sharing of your time and service. You are very special.

Final Word…!

Although this Post seems to be bordering somewhat on bad news and gloom, it really is not. The loss of close friends is not easy. But, reflecting on their lives and the times shared helps put the focus on what was gained being friends…kindness and acceptance.





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